Physical Activity on Prescription

PAP, Physical Activity on Prescription, is a method of promoting physical activity, which both prevents and treats many established health risk factors.

Employees that have received Physical Activity on Prescription from Occupational Health Services or any other health care provider may contact KI Health Promotion. We offer coaching sessions online or at the campus gyms.

Physical activity on prescription at work (FaR)

Physical Activity on Prescription is an evidence-based method to promote health and prevent disease. The purpose of physical activity on prescription at work is to support treatment or part of treatment, to prevent or shorten sickness absence as well as facilitating return to work after sickness absence.

Rules at KI

  • PAP is aimed at employees and do not include affiliates or students
  • PAP must be prescribed by licensed health care professionals
  • PAP entitles to one "PAP-hour" a week/employee during a maximum of 3 months, provided that the hour is taken following a consultation with KI Health Promotion.
  • Dependent on the prescription, the hour should be planned and adapted according to needs and possibilities in consultation with immediate supervisor
  • The extent of employment must be at least 50 % of full time.
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