Physical Activity on Prescription

PAP, Physical Activity on Prescription, is a method of promoting physical activity, which both prevents and treats many established health risk factors.

Physical activity in the Prevention and Treatment of disease summarizes the scientific knowledge of the effects of physcial activity on various conditions. It may be used as a handbook by health care professionals when prescribing physical activity. The book is prepared by the editorial board of Professional Associations for Physical Activity .

PAP® at KI

The Occupational Health Services, Previa, and KI Health Promotion Unit collaborates regarding PAP at KI. It is however possible to receive PAP coaching at KI Health Promotion if you have received a PAP from the health care system.


The following guidelines have been established in the Work Environment Commitee at KI:

  • The PAP should be prescribed by licensed health care professionals at the Occupational Health Services or the health care system
  • The recipient will contact KI Health Promotion Unit for personal councelling
  • One hour a week during work day, in addition to the health hour, may be used for physical activity according to the prescrption
  • Evaluation and follow up at 3 and 6 months will be carried out by the health care professional

Patrik Emanuelsson

Team leader
UF Central Administration

Anna Christiansen

Health Promotion Specialist
UF Central Administration