Pregnant and breastfeeding/nursing students

In pregnancy and during breastfeeding, there are special reasons to pay extra attention to the risks in the work environment. Pregnant and breastfeeding students are entitled to an individual risk assessment of their study environment.

Risk assessment

An individual risk assessment shall be carried out for pregnant and breastfeeding students. The course responsible Department is responsible for carrying out the risk assessment.

For specific instructions see risk assessment template and document "supporting work environment documents for pregnant and breastfeeding persons in laboratory activities”. The document for laboratory activities can be used as guide for risk assessment concerning other educational activities than those in laboratories.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation on Pregnant and breastfeeding workers regulates what kind of work may be carried out by pregnant and breastfeeding workers. The purpose of this Regulation is to prevent pregnant women, newly delivered women and women who are breastfeeding from being exposed to factors or conditions at work that may pose a risk of ill health or accidents.

In connection with on-site training (VFU) KI and, also, the organization where the student will be located, must carry out a risk assessment. Therefore, contact needs to be made with the placement so that a joint risk assessment can be established.

Special information due to COVID-19

See the Public Health Agency of Sweden's (FHM) page about/for pregnant women for more information. FHM recommends that pregnant women be extra careful.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has stated that pregnant women should not care for COVID-19 patients or perform tasks where they risk to come in contact with COVID-19 patients.

When it comes to on-site training (VFU) within Region Stockholm, students must follow their instructions for employees (in Swedish). These also apply to those who are vaccinated or have already had COVID-19. See also the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions webpage on pregnant employees (in Swedish)

For more information see the Swedish Work Environment Authority's theme page as well as other links and documents.

The risk assessment shall be retained for 10 years, and in accordance with 2.4.1 of the KI Document Management Plan (in Swedish)

Since the risk assessment contains health data, which is sensitive personal data, the document shall be kept with a confidentiality mark, and in a secure manner.

What measures can be taken for any adaptation of the education?

On KI's website, there is information on how the situation should be handled if the student is unable to complete VFU, or is worried about doing so, due to covid-19.

  • Information from a student about pregnancy/breastfeeding to a study counsellor, course coordinator or other representative of KI.
  • Risk assessment shall be carried out by the person with work environment responsibility at the course responsible Department
  • The risk assessment must be carried out for each individual course and for VFU placement as soon as the course has received information from the student.
  • In connection with VFU, KI shall carry out a risk assessment in collaboration with the VFU placement, which is later supplemented by that organization's own risk assessment.