Programme KI's Educational congress 28-29 Sep 2022

This year, the Educational congress will explore how personal, professional and institutional approaches to continuous learning in higher education can be the driving forces towards sustainable education and research. Welcome to listen to keynote speakers, colleagues and share experiences in workshops.

The KI Educational congress is arranged over two days, focusing on workshops on the second day. 


The congress will be held in NEO, Blickagången 16, Flemingsberg, and online.

Keynote speakers

We are very happy to announce that Anu Kajamaa, Professor of Education (Continuous Learning) at University of Oulu, and Jessica Löwenhielm, Vertical Transformative Life & Leadership Coach and Organizational Consultant in Enterprise Evolution to Teal, will join KI's Educational congress.

Anu Kajamaa (PhD), Professor of Education (Continuous Learning), University of Oulu, Finland.
Anu Kajamaa (PhD), Professor of Education, University of Oulu. Photo: N/A.

Anu Kajamaa

Anu Kajamaa (PhD) is Professor of Education (Continuous Learning), in the Faculty of Education, University of Oulu, Finland. She is also a Research Director at the University of Helsinki, and an Honorary Professor in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, at the University of Exeter, UK.

Her research focuses on collective and continuous learning, organization and management, creativity, change and development via interprofessional working and formative interventions. She draws from cultural-historical activity theory and sociocultural approaches, and has conducted numerous intervention projects in schools, health care, teacher education, prison services, and entrepreneurship contexts. 

She has had over 90 publications accepted and has received several international awards for her research and teaching. For example, she was a co-editor of the “How to…” series in the Clinical Teacher Journal, with eleven articles introducing qualitative research methods. Anu Kajamaa, University of Helsinki

Continuous Learning in changing health care organizations

"I will focus on the workplace and organizational/system level of continuous learning. My main focus is on health care/hospital practices, workers and their management and administration. I carry out workplace interventions called Change Laboratories in primary and specialized care (also in social care, elderly care and prison services, etc.), which bring together the different stakeholders, professional groups and organizational levels into a multiprofessional discussion and joint analysis of the work activity. The organizations I work with are usually facing struggle, such as disturbances and delays in care processes.

These interventions generate organizational development, practice change and expansive learning, which is a form of continuous learning. They have also led to producing new innovative activity and management models for health care organizations to experiment with and to implement change across the organization."

Jessica Löwenhielm.
Jessica Löwenhielm. Photo: N/A.

Jessica Löwenhielm

Jessica is an experienced Vertical Transformative Life & Leadership Coach and Organizational Consultant in Enterprise Evolution to Teal. She holds accreditations as; MBA, ICF Accredited Coach (ACC), Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), EAGT-GPO, Certified Relational Organisation Gestalt Practitioner, Certified EQ Coach, Certification Leadership Vertical Transformative Coach Stage Shift.

Jessica now specialises in developing and delivering relational leadership and vertical transformative coaching programs that will take people and enterprise, outcomes and contribution to a whole new level. Her passion is to transform people's lives, uplift leadership and develop organisations so we all flourish and co-create better lives, better business and a more loving world.

Being a constant learner grows our capacity to lead ourselves and others

"Have you heard about Vertical leadership development? That is the expansion of our psychological, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual maturity to perceive, interpret and integrate ever-increasing subtlety and complexity in the world, and make decisions and lead others to take inspired action increasingly for the benefit of all people, the planet, and all of life over more extensive time horizons.

We used to think that adult - and leader - development stopped in early adulthood. It doesn’t. Not only can we continue grow in experience, knowledge and skill during adulthood (horizontal development), we can also transform how we see and relate to the world (vertical development).

Vertical Leadership Development is the latest trend in leadership development today. It is the response to Einstein’s edict that “Problems cannot be solved at the level they were created”. To operate effectively in the more complex, unpredictable, virtual, intersystemic world we live in today, we are all invited to develop vertically to the next level of leadership."

28 Sep: Keynote speakers and parallel sessions (NEO, Flemingsberg)

29 Sep - Workshops (ANA 8, Flemingsberg)

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