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Programme overview - Doctoral programme in health care science

The doctoral programmes at KI gather research groups from different departments with related research areas. The programme for doctoral education in health care science (PUF-V) is a departmental-comprehensive programme with NVS as host. The programme was constituted by the Board of Doctoral Education (FUS), which also is the main financier. The programme consists of, along courses on doctoral level, also workshops, seminars, academic debates, open lectures and poster exhibitions.

Overall aim

The overall aim and purpose of the programme can be summarized in the aspiration of generating a creative, stimulating, interactive and excellent environment for doctoral studies that gives room for the individual’s reflections and initiatives, firstly for doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet wanting knowledge in health care science.The pedagogical keynote of the programme is that within the framework of the courses there should be room for applying the course curriculum on the students own project. This means that the content, assignments, practical exercises and examination of the course have its origin from the participant’s own research project, which in turn offers the possibility to within the scope of the course continuously work on the student’s thesis.

Target group

Target group for the programme is in first hand doctoral students at the Karolinska Institutet, who pursues research studies in the field of health care, but others are of course warmly welcome to participate in the organized activities.

Steering group, decisionmakers and other roles

PUF-V is run by a steering group that have meetings 5-6 times per year for discussions and planning of activities and to follow up on quality aspects. The members of the steering group represent departments and organizations at KI that are strong in health care science research and also PhD students representatives.

Programme head and chair of the steering group is Ann Rudman, registered nurse and a researcher at KI. Programme coordinator is Indu Kadlac is the primary contact person to all general questions about the programme and its activities.

Each semester there are a numbe rof activities except for the courses. The activities can include seminars, work shops and lectures with interesting speakers. New and creative ideas for courses and other activities are truly supported, so do not hesitate to contact the steering group or the programme coordinator. After each acitivty, an evaluation form is sent out to all participants. The results are scrutinized and improvements and changes are made for future activites.


Programme Coordinator

Programme coordinator

Indu Kadlac


Director of Doctoral Programme

Associate Professor

Susanne Guidetti

Organizational unit: Division of Occupational Therapy

Programme Head

Programme head

Ann Rudman

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 839 28