Recorded seminar: Impact! What does it mean to a researcher?

This lunch seminar was held on November 12th, 2021 for KI students, PhD students, postdocs, researchers and staff. 

Topics covered during the seminar

  • How can you as a researcher identify with and drive impact?
  • What do funders actually mean when they ask for impact in their grant applications
  • What does impact mean within an innovation context?

Recorded presentations

1. Incorporating impact into your current research process, and when planning for future projects (tools for identifying your impact). Sophia Savage, External Engagement Office (EEO)

2. A funder's perspective on impact (applying for funding). Staffan Arvidsson, Senior Research Officer, FORTE.

3. Impact through innovation (creating value from your knowledge). Anna Forsberg, Business coach, KI Innovations.