Recruitment process for KI’s new vice-president

The Karolinska Institutet University Board (konsistorium) has begun the process of appointing KI’s new vice-president. The term of office of the sitting Vice President, Anders Gustafsson, will expire on 28 February 2023

At its meeting of 12 September 2022, the University Board adopted the regulatory document Föreskrifter för rekrytering av prorektor (dnr 1-761/2022).

The requirements profile for the recruitment of vice president (in Swedish) drawn up by the Election Committee in consultation with KI’s academic vice-presidents and deans and prepared by a central liaison group was approved by the University Board on 24 October 2022.

The recruitment process is led by an Election Committee appointed by the University Board. 

Election committee



27 October – 17 November Nomination period.

15 December University Board announces decision on candidates to be presented to the Consultative College.


16 January Short-list candidates presented to the Consultative College – members may vote digitally.

January University Board decides on a new vice president.

1 March New vice-president takes up office.

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