Research closely linked to Programme 4D

There is an extensive on-going collaboration between research and healthcare in the project groups of Programme 4D.

Sharing information and knowledge between healthcare and research

The sharing of information enabled by the programme improves options for transferring information from healthcare to research, thereby promoting new knowledge. This can be achieved, for example, by using information from healthcare data, quality registers and biobank samples, and patients’ health self-assessments. This knowledge will be applied from research to the healthcare system in the form of new or improved treat¬ment, prevention or diagnostics.

Example of research studies

One example of this cross-fertilization is the 4D Heart Failure project. Without changes (such as structured medical records) effectuated by the 4D Heart Failure project within the healthcare system, parts of this research would not have been possible.
The research focuses on differentiating two different types of heart failure: the enlarged heart and the small fibrotic heart. Because the disease mechanisms are very likely to be different, the two diagnoses require different treatment. While excellent treatment is available for the first diagnosis, no adequate evidence-based treatment is currently available for the small fibrotic heart.

International collaborations

Much of the research connected to 4D is conducted within the scope of various international collaborations.Horizon 2020 has funded research closely linked to 4D examplified by SMART2D1, a care-related research project on diabetes type 2.
A collaboration with the Copenhagen region and the city of Utrecht has been initiated as preparation for the upcoming Horizon 2020 applications, due in April 2015. Breast cancer and heart failure are the diagnoses that are primarily involved.

Programme 4D also collaborates with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), which works with the standardization and reporting of healthcare outcomes (health outcome measures) for various diagnoses. The ICHOM was founded by Harvard Business School, Boston Consulting Group and Karolinska Institutet to enable the world’s different healthcare systems to answer these questions in a comparable way. The ICHOM will sequentially produce standardized health outcome measurements for the four diagnoses.