Guide for Chinese CSC scholarship applicants

As a Chinese scholar, you can find projects announced by KI supervisors or hosts. If a match is found, you can go ahead and then apply for a CSC scholarship.

Call for recruitment 2023-2024 has been cancelled

KI has decided to cancel the call for 2023-2024 recruitment of the KI-CSC programme. KI is negotiating with CSC the current KI-CSC agreement, as the content of the contract between CSC and its awardees has been questioned.

KI supervisors and hosts recruiting Chinese scholars applying for CSC scholarships have been invited to an information meeting.

Further queries can be addressed to: Nailin Li , or

The KI-CSC programme

The KI-CSC programme is based on an agreement between KI and the China Scholarship Council, CSC, which awards scholarships to Chinese scholars going abroad for studies or research.

Types of CSC scholarships

  • Doctoral degree student -  Up to 48 months - SEK 15,000/month (Top-up needed)
  • Visiting doctoral student - 6-12 months - SEK 15,000/month
  • Postdoctoral fellows - 6-24 months - SEK 15,000/month (Top-up needed)
  • Visiting researcher - 3-12 months - SEK 15,000/month

Note: To secure the minimum level of income, scholarships for doctoral students and post-docs will be supplemented with a top-up scholarship or a partial salary.

Application process and timeline for arriving at KI 2023-2024 - call suspended

Process and timeline CSC
Process and timeline CSC Photo: N/A
  1. From November to March of the following year - Match-making;
  2. Before mid-Marchfollowing year: Prepare your application for CSC scholarship;
  3. March: Submit your application to CSC;
  4. April - May: Selection of candidates by CSC;
  5. Admission to doctoral studies at KI (only for degree study doctoral students).

Residence permit

You should apply for residence permit before you travel to Sweden:



Can residents in Hong Kong or Macao apply?

No. A person with a Hong Kong or Macao passport is not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Can I apply while studying outside mainland China?

For visiting doctoral students and visiting researchers, applicants need a home institution  from mainland China to endorse his/her application.

However, it is possible for master’s degree students studying outside mainland China to apply for scholarship for doctoral degree study at KI. However, it is not eligible for doctoral students studying outside mainland China to apply for a Postdoc scholarship.

How should I submit the hardcopies of application while studying abroad?

You should send the hardcopies of your application to the Chinese Embassy in the country in which your current host locates.

English language requirements

What are the English language requirements?

All applicants for doctoral education must meet the KI specific eligibility requirement in English proficiency. The normal rules of IELTS or other internationally recognized tests apply. You can find more information on the entry requirements and the English language requirements for doctoral education at KI at the following links, respectively:

Information on entry requirements

Information on English language requirements

China Scholarship Council has also English language requirement, please find information on their homepage.

What should I do if I cannot download my TOEFL score reports online?

Please ask TOEFL to send you a hard copy of the score reports. You can scan the hard copy and upload it to your application for verification.

Do I have to take English test such as TOEFL or IELTS even if I fulfil the English requirement set by the China Scholarship Council?

You can apply for CSC scholarships without an English proficiency certificate, however, you will need to provide a qualified score of an internationally recognized English test, such as TOEFL or IELTS, for a doctoral degree study at KI. Certificates of English proficiency test organized by other authorities will not be accepted by KI.

You can find more information about the English requirement for doctoral education at KI at the following link: Information on English language requirements


Do I pay tax on CSC scholarships?

No. CSC scholarships are tax-free.

Can I take a break from my study/research and return to China for a short period of time?

Yes, you can return to China for a limited period due to vacation or visiting research.

For those who receive CSC scholarship for 12 to 24 months, you can visit China for up to 1 month.

For those who receive CSC scholarship for more than 24 months, you can either visit China once during your stay in Sweden for up to 2 months; or visit China once a year for no longer than 1 month each trip.

What insurance cover do I have during my stay in Sweden?

If you are going to stay in Sweden for more than a year, you should apply for a Swedish personal identity number (social security number) via the Swedish Tax Agency. When you are assigned a Swedish personal identity number, you are covered by the Swedish social insurance system.

For those who are going to stay in Sweden for less than a year or not having a Swedish personal identity number, you are insured by FUB and the insurance is valid up to 364 days.

You can find more information regarding insurance for scholarship holders at the following link: Insurance cover and conditions for scholarship holders at KI


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