GMO - The Grants Management Office

At the Grants Management Office (GMO), we monitor the relevant regulatory environment and ensure financial compliance in EU-funded research projects at KI. On these pages you will find our contact details, information on how we cooperate with KI departments and an account of our mission.

An important part of our work is supporting project administrators and economists at KI’s departments on the start-up of new projects and with the financial reporting of projects. Each department has its own contact at the GMO (see details below).

Contact us at GMO

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Rikard Lingström

Head of GMO

Financial compliance, EU projects

Applee Akter

EU financial compliance coordinator. Contact for CNS, GPH, IMM, LIME and MEB.
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Anthony Forsström

EU financial compliance coordinator. Contact for BioNut, CLINTEC, LabMed, MedH, NVS, Dental Medicine and SöS.

Evelyn Göransson

EU financial compliance coordinator. Contact for MTC.
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Anna Hansson

EU financial compliance coordinator. Contact for MedS, OnkPat and Danderyds sjukhus.

Maud Kårebrand

EU financial compliance coordinator. Contact for CMB, FyFa, KBH, MBB, MMK and Neuro.
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Jhon Álvarez Ahlgren

EU financial compliance coordinator, part-time.

Post-award Compliance, Marie Curie Projects

You can reach us by:

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Rasa Cikanaviciute-Hernandez

EU Financial / MSCA Post-award Compliance Coordinator. Contact for KI's Central Administration.
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Raquel Tavares

MSCA Post-award Compliance Coordinator, part-time.

Review of timesheets

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Maria Weiss


The GMO’s mission

The GMO staff are specialists in financial compliance and monitor the regulations that govern the handling of EU research grants. The office develops the necessary routines and processes for the university’s management of EU funding and quality assures financial reports before they are signed. 

We also financially administrate KI’s coordinator projects and other large, complex projects. We can also provide extra support for coordinator projects.

The GMO and KI’s departments

Each department has a contact at the GMO to assist with matters of a general or project-specific nature.

When a new research project has been approved, the GMO invites the department’s project administrators to a start-up meeting to go through the relevant regulatory and procedural details and answer any questions that arise. The GMO will then review the timesheets and the financial report before signing (FSIGN) in order to avoid any reporting errors in relation to EU regulations, which can have financial consequences. 

The GMO also coordinates networks of departmental project administrators and economists for the sharing of experiences and development of work methods.

A new model in 2023

The follow-up and reporting of EU-funded research projects was decentralised from the GMO to the departments in 2023. 

Through its support and review services, the GMO now has a specialist function designed to help ensure financial compliance. One aspect of this new model is that a new administrative system was decided, after which the GMO began handing over the projects to the departments where the principal investigators are active.

To facilitate the introduction of the new working and procedural model, the GMO has been performing handovers with each affected department after consultations between its head of office and their administrative heads.

The GMO’s responsibility for coordinator and other large projects is being developed

The GMO also has operational responsibility for the financial administration of coordinator projects and other large complex EU projects. In coordinator projects, the GMO will eventually be able to provide additional project support at all stages of a research project, even when a consortium is initially being planned. In doing so, the GMO will help enable KI to be the coordinator of more research projects. 

Additionally, the GMO will have a larger role in the administration of Marie Curie-funded research projects and will also support certain non-financial aspects. 

Departments that handle research projects financed with federal funds from the USA receive support from the Compliance and Data Office (CDO) at the Research Support Office (RSO). 

The value of EU research grants to KI

The EU is KI’s second largest research financier after the Swedish Research Council, and one that is especially important for building international collaborations. It is vital that KI helps researchers apply for and report grants from the EU, since they constitute a significant share of KI’s total research funding. As EU-financed research projects comply with a regulatory framework that differs from that of other research financiers, the GMO assists with specialist expertise in their administration.

Key ratios

From the 2022 annual report:

203 ongoing EU projects

SEK 299 million in total financing.

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