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Residence permit for doctoral students

The main rule: doctoral students admitted at KI should apply for residence permit for doctoral studies when planning to stay for longer than three months in Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Agency can issue residence permits for doctoral studies covering a period from 3 months up to 24 months. A study certificate from the department has to be attached, see the Migration Agency's checklist regarding study certificates. The permit must be in place before travel to Sweden.

EU citizens who want to stay in Sweden for more than three months do not need to register with the Swedish Migration Agency. Exception Swiss citizens.

Visiting researchers

A visiting researcher is a person who has doctor's degree or is qualified to apply for doctoral studies and who has been invited to conduct research in Sweden. A doctoral student who has been admitted to doctoral education in Sweden or abroad is not counted as a visiting researcher.The hosting department writes a hosting agreement and the person applies for residence permit for visiting researchers. Please, note that New rules for change of status at the Swedish Migration Agency were introduced in May 2017, meaning that the applicant has to leave Sweden at one point when changing status from visiting researcher or co-applicant to doctoral student.

Visit Sweden up to three months

A visa is temporary and is valid for a maximum 90 days per six month period. Persons who have been in the Schengen Area for 90 days must be outside of the Schengen Area for 90 days before they can receive a new Schengen Visa. No application for residence permit can be made from Sweden. See Foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden; citizens of certain countries such as US, Japan and Brazil do not need an entry visa.

Sandwich doctoral students

Doctoral students in “Sandwich programme” who are admitted to university in Sweden can apply for a residence permit for studies, provided that the planned stay in Sweden is more than three months. If the student is going to alternate periods in Sweden and abroad, this should be indicated together with information about which months the student will be in Sweden. Provide information about the known planned stays in Sweden. Doctoral students can at most receive two-year residence permits, so planning does not need to cover the entire course/programme. Se the Migration Agency's checklist

Extend a permit

Doctoral students can apply for extension of residence permit at least six months before the current permit expires. Doctoral students have the right to remain in Sweden and wait for a decision.

Permanent residence permit

Doctoral students, who have lived in Sweden and had a residence permit for doctoral studies for a total of four years over the past seven years, can apply for a permanent residence permit no earlier than 14 days before the current permit expires. See article in Universitetsläraren about this (in Swedish)

Visiting doctoral students

Doctoral exchange students not admitted to studies in Sweden should apply for visitor’s permit (classification O). These applicants will not be granted a residence permit for studies because they are not admitted to study in Sweden. A visitor's permit is usually valid for no more than six months, or up to one year. This permit is only valid for a visit, and persons may not work or take up residence in Sweden. The university in Sweden may not pay any remuneration. This permit is not counted towards permanent residence permit.

EU Students and Researchers Directive

The implementation of EU directive on Students and Researchers is delayed in Sweden and cannot enter into force on 1 July 2019 as planned. 
Many EU Countries Implement Students and Researchers Directive


Migrationsverket in Örebro (residence permit for studies):

Migrationsverket in Norrköping (residence permit for visiting researchers):

Information about processing times at the Migration Agency

If you have encountered problems with your application, please, contact Ulla Tunkara at the International Office at KI.