Result halfway through the Programme 4D

Efforts have begun to create better conditions for knowledge building for patients, the healthcare system and research, and around eight of more than 20 sub-projects are being actively tested.

Programme 4D has created a meeting place for clinical experts from various disciplines (primary care, hospital care, different specialties and professions) and researchers from fields spanning basic and clinical research to healthcare research. The basic medical researchers who have been involved in Programme 4D have also been involved in clinical issues in a new way as they realize that this will make unique research possible where knowledge gaps are identified.

Examples of generalizable models being developed with the informatics project are summarized below.

Online screening, living habits and form management

Digital tools for screening symptoms are being developed for many diagnoses. Generated data will be transmitted to electronic health journals to serve as knowledge support for patients and doctors.

Patient self-tests

With the help of supporting information systems and upon doctor approval, patients are given the option of doing their own referrals for lab tests. Test results are reported to the patient via My Healthcare Contacts and are simultaneously transmitted to the patient’s medical record for evaluation by the care provider.

Management of informed consent

The more patients who contribute to research studies in a simple and practical way, the greater the knowledge base. The patient consent for biobank storage of samples and participation in research studies has increased significantly by means of a developed app accessible by tablet.


A model is being developed for the standardized maintenance, storage and collection of blood and tissue samples. The model will be applied at all involved clinics and laboratories to ensure that stored samples and associated data are comparable and available to the healthcare system and to research. Programme 4D also includes a sub-project, currently underway, to link samples and sample data to clinical data and quality registers. This will greatly simplify procedures for healthcare and research and will improve quality and security.

Research portal

A design process has begun to create the infrastructure needed for research portals capable of securely and systematically making large amounts of data accessible for operational follow-up as well as research.