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Role description and delegation of tasks

"Vice-Chancellor’s decision-making procedures and delegation rules for Karolinska Institutet" (dnr: 1-445/2014, see delegation-rules) state that the Head of Department (prefekt) is responsible for safety and work environment at the department.

According to document "Annex delegation rules: Instructions and templates for departments" (see links) one or more chemicals representative (kemikalieombud) should be appointed at each department and also one or more chemicals inventory taker (kemikalieinventerare) in each research group/unit.

The aim is to support Head of the Department with the local responsibility concerning legalisation and rules for chemical handling. Instructions and delegation forms are found in respective role description document (see Documents, only avilable in Swedish).

Here is a short summary of the different roles that should exist at the departments in order to ensure safe chemcial handling:

Chemicals representative (Kemikalieombud)

  • One or more persons at each department, which are appointed by the Head of Department (prefekt) in a written delegation.
  • The work can be oranized/divided/distributed among the representative depending on local conditions.
  • A chemicals representative is the link between the department and KI:s chemial safety coordinator and will also be part of a local KI network with the aim to exchange experience and ideas in the field of chemical safety.
  • The representative is the departements local administrator of KLARA product database.

Chemicals inventory taker (Kemikalieinveterare)

  • One or more persons in each research group/unit, depending on local conditions, which are apponted by the closest manager in a written delegation.
  • A written delegation is a requirement to get a login to KLARA for chemical inventory.
  • These persons are managing the work with chemical safety within the groups/units and are also responsible for keeping the chemcial registers up to date.
  • A chemicals inventory taker is the link between the group/unit and the departemental chemcials representative.
  • Courses in KLARA chemical register/inventory is offered every year in correlation with the annual chemical inventory.

KLARA risk assessment

  • All laboratory personal should have a personal login for risk assessments in KLARA.
  • Delegation is not required and central courses in KLARA risk assessments are offered a couple of times each year.