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Routines at LIME and practicalities regarding premises in Widerströmska

Useful information regarding general routines at LIME as well as practicalites related to the premises in Widerströmska.

Widerström building user guide

Fluorescent tubes/strip light

Contact to report and change broken fluorescent tubes/strip lights.


Keys to offices in Widerströmska are handed out by LIME Infrastructure/IT


Should there be a shortage of space in the kitchen on floor 4, please use the kitchen on floor 3.

We all have a responsibility to empty the dishwashers and keep order in the kitchen and kitchenette on floor 4. Schedule for keeping the kitchen and kitchenette tidy has been evenly distributed and runs on a weekly basis.


  • For outgoing mail, use envelopes with preprinted bar code. For other types of packaging whithout preprinted bar code (i.e. padded envelopes) use bar code labels.
  • You can leave letters with preprinted bar code in the outgoing mail in the mail room or in a blue-and-white striped mailbox on campus. If you put letters with preprinted bar code in a regular letter box, they will be considered unstamped and subject to penalty.
  • A letter kan weigh up to 2 kg. Heavier items need to be sent as parcels. There is a surcharge for bulky items. Items with a thickness/diameter greater than 30 mm or a short side longer than 250 mm are considered bulky items.
  • When sending bulk mail, the cost should be borne by the respective project - make sure to notify and submit a project number before sending bulk mail.


Mailboxes/pigeon holes

You will find your mailbox/pigeon-hole in the mailroom closest to your workplace. If you have any questions or if you do not have any mailbox/pigeon-hole, please contact .


Use our template to create your nameplate. Download it, fill in your information and print it (in colour).

If you need assistance with your doorplate, please contact Therese Wahlström.

    Download template

    Office supplies

    If you do not find what you are looking for in one of the mail- and printer rooms on floor 4, LIME uses the storage room for office supplies on floor 3 (but we plan to move all office supplies to floor 4). If you need to order additional office supplies, contact Therese Wahlström.

    Quiet rooms/rest areas at LIME

    Tired, need to make a private call, or just rest for a while? There are two "Quiet rooms" or rest areas on floor 4 at Widerströmska.