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RuFFA - LIME's new physical activity room

In connection with LIME's recent relocation, the vision of a "Physical Activity Room" began to take shape. Thanks to our health promoter Agnes Elmberger, backed-up by Cecilia Dahlgren, Filip Gedin, Fanny Goude, Eva Hagel and Sakis Papadopoulos (and boosted by Carl-Johan Sundberg, Therese Wahlström and the Management group at LIME), the vision has now become a reality.

Athanassios Papadopoulos, Cecilia Dahlgren, Eva Hagel, Fanny Goude, Filip Gedin, Agnes Elmberger med diverse träningsatiraljer
The RuFFA-group: Athanassios Papadopoulos, Cecilia Dahlgren, Eva Hagel, Fanny Goude, Filip Gedin, Agnes Elmberger. Photo: private

LIME's Physical Activity Room, formerly known as room 4203, is called RuFFA (in Swedish: Rum för Fysisk Aktivitet) and it is located on the fourth floor, where the two sections of the Widerström building meet.

"The purpose of the room is to motivate and inspire to more physical (and mental) activity so that it becomes a natural element during the working day", says Agnes Elmberger, Health promoter at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Mangement and Ethics.

A group - the RuFFA group - has volunteered to furnish and equip the room, and will also put together a schedule of activities that will run on a weekly basis. There will also be events and challenges throughout the fall.

The idea is to fill the room with training gadgets, and the group has now asked their colleagues for help. By donating or lending equipment or materials that may be lying around at home /without being used), RuFFA will begin to take shape. Just contact anyone in the RuFFA group, or simply come by our office if you have anything you would like to contribute with.

Equipment needed (in good condition)

Dumbbells, Paralets, Juggler balls, Bosu ball, Jumping ropes, Mats, TRX band, Rubber bands, Kettlebells, Pilates ball, Step-up board

Meet the RuFFA group

Eva Hagel