Rules and general syllabus for doctoral education

Here you can find the rules for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet and the general syllabus for the doctoral level education in Medical Science.

Rules for doctoral education

General syllabus for Medical Science

All doctoral students admitted after 1 March 2006 is admitted to the doctoral education subject Medical Science. The general syllabus valid at the time of admission describes what is expected of the doctoral student, for example when writing the individual study plan.

General syllabus for students admitted before March 1, 2006

Before March 1, 2006, KI had a large number of doctoral education subjects, each with its own syllabus. Those subjects have now been discontinued and doctoral students admitted to any of those subjects must submit an application for public defence (or for licentiate seminar) before September 2021 to be able to graduate in his/her subject. Contact the department where the doctoral student is registered for more information.

Other relevant rules, guidelines and instructions

Instructions for certain decisions in education at the undergraduate, advanced and doctoral levels and appeal of such decisions (credit transfer for course or part of course and doctoral student's request for exemption from a compulsory educational activities) (only in Swedish