Rules for official entertainment and gifts at Karolinska Institutet

As a public authority KI shall manage public funding in a responsible way. This refers especially to official entertainment, gifts and staff benefits.

Reference number:: 1-766/2019

Decision: University Director

Date of decision: 13/3-2020

Processed by office/unit: HR Office

Document type: Guidelines

Official entertainment is a natural part of Karolinska Institutet’s (KI’s) contacts with the surrounding community and is important for initiating and maintaining good connections with different partners, financiers and other stakeholders, both within the country and internationally. At the same time the area is covered by different rules which are important for the employee.

Official entertainment is only permitted within and in direct connection to the activities managed at KI. Official entertainment should be exercised in a restrained manner and with good judgement.

The rules apply to all activities, irrespective of financing and the location of official entertainment. The rules apply to all employees and affiliates which operate under KI’s name, however not to students. Official entertainment on a regular basis for the same person or group of people should be avoided and official entertainment may neither have a luxury feel.