Salary formation

Salary setting is based on the central salary collective agreement for state employees (RALS).

Salary setting

Salaries are set on objectively and business-based criteria. Basics of salary setting is performance and skill in relation to business objectives, and responsibilities and severity. Supply and demand on the labor market for various professions may affect the salary as well as significantly change of job assignments according to responsibility and severity. The purpose of the salary setting is to reward performance and provide optimal opportunities to retain and recruit staff. Salaries are set upon recruitment and in periodic salary reviews. Read more about Institute's salary policy in salary as a policy instrument.

Salary review

Salary review for most employees at KI is conducted through dialog in which the manager and the employees are to agree up on a new salary (Performance management dialog 2).This is a dialog about the employee's performance and skill in relation to the objectives and tasks determined in the first call. With the result and KI's salary criteria as a basis, the manager and employee agree on a new salary.

Regarding members of OFR / S, P and O and Seko; The performance management dialog 2 is to be conducted the same way as for other employees. However, the salary is not to be agreed in the dialog. It is set in negotiations between employers and unions.

For doctoral students the salaries are set due to the so-called doctoral steps why they should not take part of performance management dialog 2.

The purpose of performance management dialog 2 is to get a clearer dialog on salary setting. Both the manager and the employee are involved since they obtain the greatest knowledge of what has been achieved during the year. The employee should get a clear idea of how the manager assesses performance and ability, ie, how the employee has performed during the year. The dialog will focus on the employee's objective achievement, results and how the assignments were performed. The dialog gives clarity in the grounds for the salary and is therefore a part of the leadership in the same way as performance management dialog 1.