Skyway and culvert connecting Biomedicum and BioClinicum

From Biomedicum you can reach the skyway via the lunch room located on floor 4 (picture 1) entering BioClinicum on floor 5. The culvert is reached via the elevator on floor 3 (next to the reception) or via the entrance door by the bicycle garage on floor 2 (picture 2).

schematic picture representing the skyway and the culvert between Biomedicum and BioClinicum over and under Solnavägen.

You will need a KI or SLL access card with the correct authorization for passage on weekdays between 07:00-17:00.

After office hours and during the week-end you will also need to enter your pin code.


You will easily access Biomedicum and BioClinicum via the skyway, but please remember it is only intended for personnel and transports of material that you can carry yourself.

The culvert is intended for the transport of biological material, chemicals or likewise, as well as larger materials or goods that that may require a cart.

NB! It is strictly forbidden to transport biological material, chemicals or likewise via the skyway.

Laboratory safety test

A completed and approved Laboratory Safety Test is required for all staff who wish to have access to Biomedicum.

The test is divided into several sections. Personnel who are going to work in a lab need to complete all sections, while those who are not going to work in the lab only need do complete section 1.

Log in to PingPong with your KI-ID to do the test. If you do not have a KI-ID, contact the administration of the department to which you will be affiliated to.

Access to skyway and culvert

KI employees who have their workplace in Biomedicum

You will automatically get access with your KI-card to skyway and culvert (i.e. to the card readers marked with X in pictures 1 and 2).

KI employees who have their workplace in BioClinicum

If you are employed at or affiliated to any of the departments in Biomedicum, you will get access to skyway and culvert and to entrance and exit on floor 3 in Biomedicum with your KI card or your SLL card (optional).

Otherwise you will need to apply for permission to get access to the skyway and/or culvert by contacting the responsible supervisor at the department you will be affiliated to.

For registration visit the FM Service Center, floor 3 in Biomedicum.

Unless otherwise stated, access applies one year at a time.

SLL employees who have SLL cards but no KI card

  • You need to apply for permission to get access to the skyway and/or culvert.
  • Contact responsible supervisor in the department to which you need to be affiliated to.
  • Unless otherwise stated, access applies one year at a time.

KI employees who need SLL cards

If you need to pass doors in BioClinicum with card readers marked with O in pictures 1 and 2 you can either:

  • let a collaborator colleague at BioClinicum meet up and open the door or
  • apply for an SLL card (having a SLL-card is associated with an annual fee). Contact the administrator in the research group at BioClinicum that you collaborate with. If you have any questions, please contact:

Quick guide: access to culvert and skyway between Biomedicum and BioClinicum

Extended access to Biomedicum

If you need access to a research quarter in Biomedicum, this access must be confirmed by the supervisor at the department in Biomedicum who is responsible for that area.

If you want access to a common facility in Biomedicum, please contact FM Helpdesk.

Unless otherwise stated, access applies one year at a time.


If you have any questions about the skyway/culvert or access, you are welcome to visit the FM Service Center at floor 3 in Biomedicum or send in your question to FM Helpdesk.

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