SPOC for research infrastructure

During the autumn of 2021, Karolinska Institutet will carry out a pilot project with a single point of contact function, SPOC, for questions related to research infrastructure. If you are a researcher within KI or Region Stockholm, you are welcome to contact us to learn more about available core facilities, tools and analytical methods or if you have questions about regulations and permits related to the use of research infrastructures.

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The SPOC is open during office hours and can be reached on spocinfrastructure@ki.se. It is also possible to schedule a personal meeting if needed

Who can ask questions through the SPOC?

The SPOC is primarily aimed at researchers in the capacity of core facility users, both basic researchers and clinical researchers, within KI and Region Stockholm. However, managers of our core facilities may also contact the SPOC for advice.

What type of questions can the SPOC answer?

No question is 'to naive' to be asked and no question to complicated – we try to find answers to them all. It could, for example, be a question about what type of analytical method that is best suited to answer a particular research question and which facilities within the academy that offer this equipment or service. It could also be advice about external companies offering a certain service or how to handle and whom to contact about regulations and permits in different areas. Instead of you as a single researcher spending your time emailing people in the organisation, we will find the answers for you.

Background of the pilot project

This effort to start a SPOC for research infrastructure is part of KI’s strategy for research infrastructure, which among other things identifies the need for simpler contact routes and guidance for core-facility users. The decision to launch the pilot was taken by the Infrastructure Council in April 2021. The project will start in mid-September and run for three months during the autumn of 2021.

What happens when the project is over?

In addition to assisting as many researchers as possible, the aim of this pilot project is to gain knowledge of numbers and types of questions received by the SPOC and how they can best be dealt with. At the end of the pilot period there will be an evaluation, which in turn will form the basis for a permanent SPOC for research infrastructure from the spring of 2022. It is important to get many requests, so we have a sufficient record for the evaluation.

Researchers are also encouraged to submit suggestions and comments on how to develop the function to spocinfrastructure@ki.se. We ask for your understanding that the pilot project is a period of learning for all, and it is only by working together that we can develop a well-functioning SPOC. In parallel with the SPOC project, two surveys on KI's research infrastructure will also be conducted in the autumn of 2021.

The people behind the SPOC

The pilot project SPOC for research infrastructure is carried out by the Faculty Office within the University Administration on behalf of the Infrastructure Council. The personnel handeling the function are:

Karin Dahlman-Wright

PhD, Professor

Lena Lewin

PhD, Scientific coordinator

Ingrid Wallenstein

Economist, Controller

Mats Andersson

PhD, Scientific coordinator

Contact SPOC

Single point of contact for questions about research infrastructure and to schedule a meeting. We will repsond to emails during office hours.