Strategy 2030 – ongoing dialogue about the KI-wide operational plan

Strategy 2030 is expressed in terms of goals and tasks in a draft for a KI-wide operational plan. Only goals and assignments sprung from the strategy are included in this plan. Right now, dialogue is underway in several groupings about the priorisations- see schedule and roles below.

The initial prioritisations proposal will be drawn up by the university management and discussed by several functions over the coming months – see schedule and role list below. 

When a final proposal has been produced, it will be decided on by the President, in October. In connection with the dialouge, task officers  will be appointed for the prioritised goals and assignments. 

Schedule for dialoge about the KI-wide operational plan 

May June July-August September October November
Work groups produce a gross list of goals and tasks on basis of Strategy 2030 Steering group, academic vice presidents and deans produce a joint proposal for prioritisation of goals and tasks Reference group reads proposal and gives feedback Steering group, academic vice presidents and deans revise proposal, which is then discussed at a Faculty Board meeting Reference group reads second proposal (if any) Task officers produce activity plans and implementation of the tasks starts
Steering group, academic vice presidents and deans produce, if necessary, a second prioritisation proposal Second proposal (if any) is discussed by Faculty Board Second proposal (if any) is discussed by Faculty Board

 Roles in the prioritisation work of goals and assignments

Roller i arbetet med prioritering
Group Participant(s) Group Participant(s) Role/task
Commissioner President Decides on general, university-wide operational plan
Steering group President – chairperson, Vice-President, University Director, Director of Planning Prioritises tasks in close dialogue with academic vice presidents, deans and other relevant officers
Preparatory bodies Faculty Board, Committees Prepare and feed in goals and tasks that are in line with Strategy 2030
Reference group Mats J Olsson, CNS; Carina Hammarström,MBB; Ulla Stenius, IMM; Thomas Tinglöv, BioNut; Mats Trulsson, Dentmed; Maria von Witting, Onkpat; Alice Weréen och Sebastian Ols, student representatives, Faculty Council Gives input to the production of proposals for the operational plan
Working group Administrators from the University Administration Administration/preparation of underlying documentation for the prioritisation process