Strategy 2030: Questions & Answers

The aim of Strategy 2030 is to sharpen our focus on what we need to prioritize over the coming years at a university-wide level to make KI more effective and to ensure the optimum use of KI resources. Underpinned by Strategy 2030, KI will be better equipped to face the world and the future in a more effective, robust and considered way.

How does Strategy 2030 affect me?

As goals and tasks are given priority and the general KI operational plan is decided, officers will be assigned to oversee these tasks, which will affect KI staff differently depending on who they are and their place in the organisation.

What does the general operational plan contain?

The content of Strategy 2030 is expressed in terms of goals and tasks, each of which will be assigned a level of priority during the summer and early autumn. The final decision on implementation, which the President is expected to take in October, will need to take into account the comments and opinions of many people within the organisation.

Why a university-wide operational plan?

So that we can obtain a clear, overall view of what needs to be done at a general level.

Does this mean previous operational plans are to be discarded?

Departments are free to continue drawing up their own operation plans, but unlike the activity plans (i.e. the plans produced annually by task officers on the basis of the goals and tasks included in KI’s general operational plan) they will not be followed up on centrally.

How long will the general operational plan remain in effect?

It coincides with the term of office for the Faculty Board. The general operational plan being produced now will be effective until 2022, after which a reprioritisation of goals and tasks will be made by the new Faculty Board for the coming four-year period.

How will the goals and tasks be followed up?

A task officer will be assigned for the prioritised tasks to produce activity plans that ensure the fulfilment of the goals and tasks. These activity plans will be followed up on centrally from 2020 onwards.

Producing the strategy and operational plan seems to be taking a long time – why is this?

KI is a large, complex organisation with multiple perspectives to take into account. The process has involved the University Board, the management and a great many staff and students. The main thing here is not the documents but the dialogue needed to build ever greater consensus on the priorities that will create an even better KI.

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