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Sustainable public procurement

According to the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145) there is a possibility to take social and environmental issues into consideration, if the character of the procurement is motivating it.

Examples of social consideration can be social integration or ethical principles of trade. Examples of environmental consideration can be environmental- and health characteristics in e.g. laboratory chemicals.

If requirements upon social and environmental considerations are to be used in a public procurement, it shall be considered for each public procurement in the demand analysis. Guidance in these questions is to be found on Internet at the homepage of e.g. The National Agency for Public Procurement. When applying these considerations the following issues shall be considered:

  • Requirements which are being used are to be coordinated with the fundamental principles of public procurement
  • Requirements must be evaluated as reasonable and have a natural coherence with the purpose of the public procurement
  • Requirements shall be measurable and possible to control and to follow up for the purchasing authority.