Telephone conferences, SMS service and contact centers

In addition to the more common telephony subscriptions and services, there is also additional services for telephone conferences, SMS service, fax and systems for creating so-called contact centers.

Conference calls in Touchpoint Plus

You can easily set up a conference call in the application Telia Touchpoint Plus.

User guide conference calls

Video conferences

You can use e-meeting services such as Teams or Zoom to book video meetings. You can read more about these services at E-meetings at KI.

SMS service - SMS Connect

With the text message service SMS Connect, you can send text messages to many recipients, for example if you would like to keep in touch with participants in a study.

If you have any questions about this service, contact your telephony administrator.

Support: SMS Teknik

SMS Teknik Support (weekdays 08.00-17.00)
Phone: 0524-103 50

Order account and price details (in Swedish)


By using the fax service, you can send and receive fax via email instead of using a traditional fax machine.

For more information, contact Helpdesk.

Contact center: ACE

ACE is an advanced service for handling incoming calls, which is currently used by Helpdesk and KIB.

If you have questions about ACE, please contact Helpdesk.

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