The Facility Management Team

The Facility Management (FM) team is responsible for the infrastructure and service in Biomedicum, providing coordination, initiation, monitoring and performance of the shared facilities and features in the building. The FM-team will actively contribute to improve the environment for core business performance in order to achieve business goals and visions.

Employees standing next to eachother in two lines.
Facility Management in Biomedicum. Missing in picture: Pontus Anstedt-Eriksson, Frida Holmqvist, Boje Persson, Helena Hatziantoniou and Ann-Charlott Zingmark.

FM service catalogue

In the FM service catalogue you'll find short descriptions of our services.

FM Helpdesk 

Send a request for service or support via FM Helpdesk. Our ambition is to help you with your request within 24 hours (working days).

We forward maintenance requests to Akademiska Hus or Fastighetsavdelningen.

Login to FM Helpdesk with your KI-ID and fill out the form. Be as specific as possible and only send one request at the time.

FM Organisation

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