The Facility Management Team

The Facility Management (FM) team provides service and support to everyone in Biomedicum.

Our vision is to give the best service and support to the core business in Biomedicum with focus on high level of safety, efficiency and quality.

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FM service catalogue

In FM:s service catalogue you will find short descriptions of our standard services.
Contact FM if you need any service that is not described in the service catalouge.

Basic level of service

A basic level of service provided to everyone in Biomedicum that is financed by the FM fee (which is set once a year). Basic services are delivered weekdays during normal working hours.

Material costs 

Some services require the purchase of materials, e.g. workshop work, printing of posters etc. This is paid for by the customer.


Assignments are services that are delivered on occasions according to agreement and are billed according to the agreed order.

FM service catalogue 2024

FM Helpdesk 

Send a request via FM Helpdesk. Login to with your KI-ID and fill out the form. Be as specific as possible and only send one request at the time.

Our ambition is to help you with your request within 24 hours (working days).

We forward maintenance requests to Akademiska Hus or Fastighetsavdelningen.

In case you are unable to login to the FM Helpdesk, please send your ticket as an e-mail to

FM Organisation


  • FM handles approximately 250-300 tickets per month.
  • March and October are the busiest months, while July is the month with the least number of tickets.
  • Approximatly 60% of the tickets are related to Technical service, app. 25% to Goods and logistics, and the rest of the tickets are related to the teams Laboratory Safety, Dish- and sterilisation, Common service and Management.

Number of tickets per year

Number of tickets per year
Year /No of tickets
2018 3212
2019 2923
2020 2680
2021 2807
2022 3010
2023 3231
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