Three questions to the PUF-V doctoral stud rep

With the purpose to engage other doctoral students, the doctoral student representative currently holding a position in the steering group for the Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science (PUF-V) has answered three questions about what it means to be a student representative at Karolinska Institutet.

Question mark. Photo: Pixabay
Question mark. Photo: Pixabay

Why did you become a student representative?

Initially, I was curious to better understand how the organization is structured at Karolinska Institutet and how we as students can affect our education. When advertised, I discussed the opportunity with my supervisor and we both thought it was a suitable experience. I applied and got the position through Doctoral Student Association at Medicinska Föreningen.

What are your tasks as a student representative?

We meet once per semester in the steering group – virtually or at campus. My primary task is to represent and voice the student’s perspective when courses and activities within the programme are planned and discussed.

What experiences have you gained so far?

All members in the steering group are senior researchers representing different departments at Karolinska Institutet. Taking part in discussions held in the steering group and understanding decision pathways throughout the organization of Karolinska Institutet gives valuable experiences for future professional life.

Sounds interesting?

PUV-V (and other doctoral programmes) are currently looking for doctoral representatives, if you are interested you can read more and apply through the Doctoral Student Association.

We warmly welcome your application to become a student representative in the PUF-V steering group!

Author: Marianna Moberg