Guide to local content

Local content is information targeted to one or more groups of staff and affiliates at KI (or all staff) has been added to a page with public info.

As staff, you should primarily see by the information that concerns you. This does not mean that other content is secret, it might just not be relevant to your group. Examples are routines regarding sick leave or an invitation to an event intended for staff at a specific department.

Organizational affiliation is based on where you work and can be, for example, your department, unit or research group. Local content today cannot be aimed to groups based on roles such as manager, PI, teacher or researcher.

News and calendar events may also be addressed to one or more organizational affiliates.

Local content on page

A page with local extensions always has the link "More information for staff" in the menu. The link leads to a block at the bottom of the page which is marked with a blue strip. If the link and the block are missing, the page has no local content.

Here is a screenshot of the "If you get sick" page in logged-out mode. At the time it had local extensions for MBB, MMK and OnkPat. Those who do not belong to any of these institutions do not need to log in. In logged-in mode, local content is only visible when aimed at your organizational affiliation.

Local content on a page
Local content on a landing page

Local content on a landing page

On landing pages any local content is added immediately below the menu links. 

Local content on a landing page

In the logged in mode you can see an additional three menu links aimed at KI staff only.

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