Search engine optimization

What to do as web editor to increase the SEO of your content on

Use keywords

Use relevant keywords in the title, lead, headings and texts. 

Use the lead

The lead should summarize briefly what the user can find on your site, for example "Security routines, how to book a class in the gym and how to book a room for a meeting". Remember to use keywords in the preamble that users may be looking for. This makes it easier for search engines to find your page, both for the internal search engine at KI and for Google. If for some reason (often on landing pages) you do not want a lead on your page, it is important that you fill in the Description field, under Metadata. The contents of the Description field will appear in the results list when you do a search, this will provide a better user experience for those who are searching / finding your content via the search function. Pages or landing pages without Lead and Description are automatically ranked lower by search engines.

Use words people actually search for

Add words that users might be searching for, although they may not be accurate. 

Test the search

Test if your page or document comes up high in the hit result in a search. If not, contact the search manager, see bottom of this page.

Avoid generic page names

Avoid giving your page very common names such as staff, research, theses, contact. If you need to create pages of this type, you should expand the page name with more specific information about organizational affiliation, geographical location etc. For example, "dissertations at MEB" or "staff at the HR department"

Use Notes for SEO

Documents of the type .pdf, .docx and .xlsx do not have a lead. To increase relevance and discoverability, you should fill in the Notes field. It works in the same way as the Description field. The text you type here appears in the result when someone searches the web. Use 250 characters to describe what a document is and how it can be used. For example, "Rules and Guidelines on Alcohol". This is especially important if the content is aimed at specific professional groups or organizational units. Currently, it says that the contents of Notes are not publicly displayed, but it is incorrect. Note that you should never upload scanned pdf documents, they have low discoverability and also violate laws and rules of accessibility for users with functional variation.