Roadmap, KI RIMS ahead

KI RIMS is now up and running, but what happens next? Here you can follow the further development of KI RIMS and see when new features are expected to be released.

Roadmap, KI RIMS

KI RIMS is gradually being opened up for use. Since 25 October 2023, you can log in with your KI ID and see the collected information about yourself and your research, as well as edit and add information. New profile pages, that use the information contained in KI RIMS, were released on 14 December. Further development of functions and applications will continue on an ongoing basis. The image above illustrates the different dates and in the text below you can read more about what has already happened and what will happens in the future. 

What happens next? 

December 2023 – April 2024 – Information about research groups are transferred to

Since December 2023 it is possible to publish new pages for research groups that are in the organisational scheme on Some of the information are collected from KI RIMS. This starts a process of gradually transferring information from the current pages for research groups to new pages, reviewing and publishing the new pages and then closing down the old ones. This task will initially be handled within the KI RIMS project in close co-operation with different affected stakeholders and it will continue well into 2024. 

~ March 2024

Around March 2024 it will be possible to find the right information on with the help of a new function for filtering.


The range of CV templates and publication lists, as well as different types of reports, will be expanded over time and based on expressed needs.

What has already happened?

25 October- KI RIMS opened up

Since 25 October everyone with a KI ID have been able log in to KI RIMS. You can now see information about yourself that has been collected from different systems, both from within KI and from systems outside KI. Researchers can start using KI RIMS to manage their publications, grants and their profile page as well as generating reports of different kinds. 

Also non-researchers can now use the system to edit information about themselves so that the profile page on accurately describes them and their expertise.

What happens if I don't go in and edit my information?
The information about you and your research in the systems integrated in KI RIMS will be reused and automatically update your profile page on It is up to you to decide if you want to adjust and supplement that information, or if you want to leave it as it is.

14 December - Profile information from KI RIMS became visible on

On December 14 the new personal profile pages were published on They contain information that comes from KI RIMS. Every employee has a profile page on 

  • 7 September: The information available on your old profile page on this date was copied to KI RIMS.
  • 14 December: All new personal profile pages were launched. You can at anytime make adjustments and add information.

Your profile page got a new address (url) when the page was moved. The old address will still work during a transitional period so that you still have time to change for example your email signature or if you have linked to your profile page from other places.

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