Primula and the PA-web are back up

Tietoevry has now largely fixed Primula and the PA web after the hacker attack of 19 January. This means that February’s salaries will be paid out as normal and that you can now register all absence and outlays direct in the system.

Read on about what will happen as the system is gradually restored. The text will be updated regularly.

February’s payday prioritised

At this point, Tietoevry has opted to give priority to Primula, both web and client, to make sure that February salaries can be paid on time. The February "extra run" for the payment of allowances and expenses will be moved to the regular payroll run with payment on February 26.

Cross-platform integrations will not be dealt with for another week or so. 

You can find January’s payslip on the PA web.

Registration of absence, holidays and outlays

Staff are urged to log in and retroactively register/amend their absences, outlays etc. for 19 January-1 February as soon as possible so that they can be included in in February’s pay. Make sure that entries made in the first half of January before the outage are correct as well.

The last day to register cases to be included in the February payroll is February 8.

If you use the PA web with your KI login, you won’t need to take any action and can continue to log in as normal via SSO (single sign on). However, if you use the Primula client, you’ll need to change your password as an extra security measure. 

Managers should log in daily as email notifications might not be sent

Since the integrations with other systems will not be remedied in this first phase, email notifications from the system might not be sent during the first week/weeks. If you’re a manager, you should therefore make a habit of logging in daily to handle your affairs.

The last day to register cases to be included in the February payroll is February 8.

Salary revision

Once Primula is up and running again, KI will have to decide whether new salaries can be paid in February, or whether payment will have to wait until payday in March. 

The outage of Primula has entailed extra work to protect the data contained within. This will hopefully not lead to any serious delays in the negotiation process for members of OFR/S,P,O (ST) and Seko. Salaries for these personnel and Saco-S members who disagree with the new salary will be paid out as soon as possible once negotiations are over, which at present will probably not be until March. 

Social Insurance compensation

Ordinary routines are back in use.

Employer certificate

Ordinary routines are back in use.

Personal data

We currently cannot rule out the possibility that information, including personal data, has been leaked from Primula. KI has therefore reported the incident to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. We are now awaiting more information from Tietoevry.

There is personal data in Primula, if you have questions or feel concerned about this, contact your immediate manager. The personal data that is generally stored in Primula include name, address, KI email address, social security number and salary.

Hourly salaries and remunerations to participants in research projects and clinical trials

Now that the system is back up and running, we will process these payouts as soon as possible.