Being a trainee at a government agency

The government has decided to, during 2021-2023, provide the authorities with the provision of internships for newly arrived jobseekers as well as for disabled persons which lead to reduced workforce.

The purpose is for these people to gain experience in government work, which can improve their prospects for future work. Receiving trainees may also be an opportunity for KI to work with inclusion as well as to discover and utilize skills.

The internship period may be for up to six months, full or part time. We recommend writing a three-month agreement which can then easily be extended for three months. If the practice is interrupted prematurely, there is no notice period.

Internship can involve simpler tasks such as helping in the reception, archives, administrative tasks, janitorial services. It is also possible to find suitable candidates for laboratory, economics or HR. Each trainee should have a supervisor.

A trainee is not employed by KI, but must be enrolled in the Employment Service and receive compensation and insurance through the Employment Service and the Social Insurance Agency.

An intern may need to be linked according to KI's rules and instructions for connection. The institution that receives a trainee must also take (eventual) costs for such an extension.

How to do?

Fill in a requirement profile and send it to the Employment Service. The profile is then matched by the Employment Service in dialogue with KI against the trainee who best corresponds to that profile.

On the Swedish Agency for Government Employers website you can read more about what it means to receive a trainee and what assistance and support you can get.

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