VPN service

When working remotely, you can connect via our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access KI’s private network and internal resources – such as, shared folders on a file server (public folders).

With the VPN service, your computer works just as it would as if you were on campus. This means that you are identified as a KI employee and have direct access to KI:s resources, without an additional login.

Please note that the VPN service is not available for students at KI.

Login to the VPN takes place via two steps:

  1. Username and password (your KI ID)
  2. Verification via your phone

User manuals

Download the client and log in using these manuals:

Manuals on how to use VPN

Guidelines for remote work

  • Just connect to the VPN when you need it. This ensures capacity and accessibility to KI resources.
  • Get in the habit of deconnecting the Cisco AnyConnect VPN when you take a break or meeting.
  • Remember your colleagues so that everyone who needs to has the opportunity to work remotely. Most resources can be accessed without a VPN connection.
VPN needed
VPN needed Yes No
Webmail/Office.com No
OneDrive No
KI Cloud / OwnCloud No
Microsoft Teams No
Skype for Business No
Zoom No
Self Service (Mac) No
Canvas No
Ladok web No
Primula web No
Agresso web Yes
File storage (G:, H:, P:) Yes
Software Center (PC) Yes
Appcenter.user.ki.se Yes
Drupal, training environment Yes
Nilex Yes
Other KI systems Try connecting without VPN first

Contact for questions

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact IT Support.