What is an incident — examples

We all have a responsibility to create a safe, secure, fair and equal working environment at Karolinska Institutet.

By reporting risks, incidents and accidents in the physical environment and adverse events in the psychosocial environment, you contribute to preventing and promoting a good work environment and a healthy work climate.

Remember that, if possible, you should always contact your manager and/or safety representative when something happens, and feel free to report the incident together. Also state the place or situation so that the case can be followed up and create a basis for development and improvement of the work environment. If this is not possible for you, you can report anonymously.

You can submit an anonymous report and describe incidents or near incidents, it can be about financial irregularities, ethical violations, bullying or harassment, research fraud or anything else that you want to give the university management knowledge about.

Work environment

Here you are to report all events affecting your physical and psychosocial work environment.

Near accident — have you been involved in or witnessed something at the university that could cause injury or sickness?

For example:

  • Fume hoods with broken alarms have been used for a long time – this could have exposed people to harmful substances.
  • Animal cages and sawdust containing harmful substances have not been labelled – this could pose a health threat to the people responsible for emptying/cleaning the cages.
  • Emergency equipment (eye-wash fountains, fire extinguishers, etc.) has not been checked.
  • Hazardous waste is wrongly labelled, packaged or stored.
  • The illicit transport or unlabelled scientific samples on the shuttle bus.
  • Colleagues/students failing to observe the proper handling/safety procedures.
  • The lack of risk assessments for experiments.
  • Colleagues/students failing to wear the required safety equipment.
  • The dangerous or irresponsible use of instruments/tools.

Accident at or travelling to/from work — has anyone been injured at or on the way to/from the university?

For example:

  • By slipping and breaking an arm.
  • By coming into contact with a corrosive chemical.
  • By cutting themselves with a knife.

Work-related illness — are you on sick leave, or are you receiving medical attention related to your work/studies?

For example:

  • Allergic reaction to toxic substances at the workplace.
  • Pain the neck/shoulders/back owing to monotonous or heavy work.
  • Workload stress or discrimination/harassment.

Students should also contact the Student Health Service.

Incidents and accidents concerning fixtures etc. (e.g. ventilation, temperature controls or lighting) are to be reported direct to Akademiska Hus or similar leasing company.

Safety & Environment

Here you are to report all events that (might) affect the local environment.

Staff — for people employed at or affiliated with KI and who have a KI user name/password.

Student — for or students at KI who have a KI user name/password.

A report must be made of all types of incident at KI. The system has 12 different types of event to choose from in the online form.

  • Fire and evacuation safety - e.g. during a fire drill it is discovered that an emergency exit was blocked or people stayed behind in the building.
  • Personal safety - e.g. I’ve been threatened by a visitor to the campus.
  • Activism - e.g. activists are blocking the entrance to a KI building or are standing outside aula medica handing out leaflets about a specific experiment.
  • Organisation
  • Break-in, attempted break-in
  • Theft, attempted theft
  • Stoppages
  • Damage to premises - e.g. graffiti, vandalism
  • False alarm
  • Environmental damage or incident - e.g. spillage of hazardous chemicals, ignorance of KI’s rules for handling waste has led to chemicals being poured down the drain or the leakage of chemicals/toxic substances into the environment.
  • Miscellaneous - If the report concerns an incident that covers more than one category, use the most relevant one.

Clicking on the link will bring up a log-in window. If you enter your normal KI log-in, your basic details will be entered automatically into the form.

If you have problems with IT services, contact IT-support.

Information security incidents and personal data breaches

Here you shall report all information security- and personal data breaches. Such an incident can e.g. consist of an IT attack where information (such as personal data) is leaked, lost or distorted - e.g:

  • Incorrect, illegal or harmful handling of information that may have a negative impact on KI
  • Information that has fallen into the wrong hands
  • Theft of equipment or physical documents containing sensitive information
  • IT attacks such as intrusions or attempted intrusions

Examples of action taken

Incidents and events that have been reported have already helped improved the environment you work or study in.

Owing to the large number of reported cuts and wounds from sharp objects, KI has consulted with the Student Health Service and the Occupational Health Service to create a set of procedures to ensure that everyone receives the same care and treatment.

A practical session has also been introduced into the Basic Laboratory Safety course, which is compulsory for all doctoral students.

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