Who work with a sustainable campus?

Achieving a sustainable campus require work and engagement from all working or studying at KI. Staff members with particular responsibilities are available to facilitate, help and inspire the work with a sustainable campus.

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KI Council for Environment and Sustainable Development advices the President and Vice President regarding KI:s environmental and sustainability work.

The work with a sustainable campus and KI’s environmental and sustainability management system is coordinated and facilitated at the Environment and Security unit at KI. As owners of KI buildings, a sustainable campus is also a task for Akademiska hus.

At departmental level, the chair of each department has the responsibility for work related to sustainable development. At each department, a particular person is also appointed as delegate for the environment and sustainability questions. There are also delegates for e.g. lab safety. This facilitates the connection between central administration and work at the department.

Students and co-workers push the work with sustainable campus via organisations such as the student Climate association and the Climate network at KI.

    KI Council for Environment and Sustainable Development

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    The Council mission is to:

    Increase knowledge about sustainability.
    Act as a focus group - discuss and prepare proposals within the framework of KI management system.
    Coordinate and pursue the environmental and sustainability work at KI.
    Provide proposals for environmental objectives and actions plans to be approved by the KI President.
    Follow-up, report and propose improvements regarding sustainable development.