Who works with a sustainable campus?

Achieving a sustainable campus require work and engagement from all working or studying at KI. Staff members with particular responsibilities are available to facilitate, help and inspire the work with a sustainable campus.

KI Council for Environment and Sustainable Development

The Council for Environment and Sustainable Development advises the President on KI:s environmental and sustainability work. The Council disseminates knowledge and information on environmental and sustainability issues. The Council is a reference group where various proposals within the framework of the KI:s management system are discussed and prepared. The Council prepares proposals for environmental objectives and action plans, which are approved and adopted by the President, and follows up the work. The Council for Environment and Sustainable Development is chaired by Professor Annika Östman Wernerson (Chair) and Lecturer Shervin Shahnavaz (Vice Chair).

Annika Östman Wernerson

Professor/senior physician


Karin Dahlman Wright. Specialist

Stina Jaensson, Environmental Coordinator, Faculty Office and International Relations

Peter Hagelin, Environmental Coordinator, Faculty Office and International Relations

Mats J Olsson, Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Lena Palmberg, Professor, Institute of Environmental Medicine

Johanna Lanner, Lecturer senior, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.

Per Svenningsson, Professor/senior physician, Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Ekaterina Pokrovskaja Tamm, Project coordinator, Department of Oncology-Pathology

Rickard Becker, Facilities Director, Central Administration

Ulrika Widegren, Scientific coordinator, Central Administration

Anna Christiansen, Health Promotion Specialist, Communications Officer, HR Office

Naya Moukhtar, Student

Environmental coordinator

KI's environmental and climate work is coordinated at the unit for environment and safety. The environmental coordinators are responsible for coordinating KI's environmental management system and to provide support for the departments' environmental and sustainability representatives. The environmental coordinators prepare and adopt University-wide policy documents within the environmental management system and follows the performance. They also plan for the internal environmental audits.

Peter Hagelin


Environmental and sustainability representatives

The environmental and sustainability representative are appointed by the head of the departments. The representative support the management in the environmental work and reports how the operational environmental work is progressing. The Environment and Sustainability representative is responsible for preparing proposals for goals and action plans at department level, as well as following up the department's work. The representative plans for internal environmental audits and inform employees about news and changes and how environmental work can be improved.


All employees must know the university's environmental policy, know and follow university - wide routines and instructions within the environmental management system that affect their own work.

All employees must also contribute to the implementation of the university's environmental action plan and its own department's plan regarding the environment and climate.

Students and staff run the work with a sustainable campus through organizations such as the students' climate association and the climate network at KI.

Akademiska hus

Akademiska hus owns most of KI's buildings and is therefore important in the work for a sustainable campus.