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Work environment at LIME

Each department at Karolinska Institutet has a Work Environment Group which consists of representatives from different areas of activity, both employees, employers, as well as security representatives, student protection representatives and equal rights representatives. The group is a resource to the Head of Department when it comes to local work environment issues.

Work environment group

Carl Johan Sundberg

Professor, Head of Department

Equal rights representatives

Marie Dahlberg

PhD student

Environmental and sustainability representative

Health promoter

Human Resource representative

Local safety representatives

Erik Attoff

Local safety representative within LIME, IT technician

Elisabet Lindgren

Local safety representative within LIME, Educational administrator
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Equal rights

How do we address equal rights at LIME?

To Whom or where do you turn to if you have questions about discrimination, harassment and violations?

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Environment and sustainability work

Environment and sustainable development at LIME

LIME's environmental and sustainability representative coordinates matters relating to environment and sustainability at the department and is the link between the department and KI’s environmental coordinator.

The environmental and sustainability representative will also be part of a local KI network with the aim to exchange experiences and ideas in the field of environment and sustainable development.

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Health promotion

Mindfullness, walk the talk and squat challenges... Learn more about Health promotion at LIME.

The Health Promotion Unit at KI is here to inspire, support and promote health among employees and students. Being physically active leads to increased well being, increased work attendance, reduced occupational injuries and enhanced lifelong health. LIME's health promoter is a member of the work environment group.

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Local Safety representatives

Safety representatives at LIME

The task of the safety representative is primarily to monitor protection against illness and accidents at work, and to ensure that the employer is in compliance with the Swedish Work Environment Act’s requirements for systematic work environment measures.

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Work environment and health at LIME Photo: Marie Dahlberg

Quiet room - a room for stillness

If you need to take a break or just need a moment of stillness, there is a "Quiet room" at LIME located on floor 4.

Workplace meetings (Arbetsplatsträff - APT)

A workplace meeting is a forum, held on a regular basis with your group or unit, where local work environment issues are discussed. Contact your immediate manager to find out more about work place meetings within your particular group.

Employee survey giving feedback on the work environment

The employee survey provides a good basis for constantly developing the work environment and make people more content about their workplace. The employee survey is sent out every three years. The results for LIME can be found on Common/LIME-intra. It is up to each Head of Department and research group leader to ensure that the feedback is communicated within each group or unit. The group or unit will then together plan and carry out any measures that may be necessary and scheduled in an action plan.

If something happens

If something happens

In case of emergency, call SOS Alarm: 112, In other matters KI Alarm: 08-524 80 100