Work Environment Organisation at CLINTEC

The Work Environment Group is the Head of Department's resource and is composed of representatives from different professions both employees and employers, as well as safety representatives / student safety representatives.

The Work Environment Group initiates and follow up safety rounds, is a link between the Department and the Work Environment Committee, between the Department and the Occupational Health Service and between the Department and Student Health. It is also the Work Environment Group that carries out the annual follow-up of the Department's systematic work environment work - SAM.

Work Environment Group at CLINTEC


Magnus Nilsson

Secretary/ responsible safety rounds

Monica Hagbok

Head of Administration/ Incidentrapportering

Pille Ann Härmat

Human Resources

Maria Tägtström

Skyddsombud lab

Lisa-Mari Mörk

Eleftheria Maria Panagiotou (Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology) 

Skyddsombud (administrativt)

Elizabeth Elvbo (Division of Functional Imaging and Technology) 

Kemikalieombud/ Biosäkerhet

Lisa-Mari Mörk

Föreståndare för brandfarlig vara

Lisa-Mari Mörk

Fire safety supervisor

Åsa Catapano

Miljö- och hållbarhetsombud

Pauliina Damdimopoulou


Olav Rooyackers

Work environment & health at Karolinska Institutet

All employees have right to good working conditions. In the Work Environment Act, there are regulations about the obligations of employers and others responsible for safety, to prevent ill health and accidents at work

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