Tips for a good digital work environment

IT specialist Birgitta Lönnerberg shares her tips on how to organise a good digital working environment

Collect everything and start from Teams

It creates a better overview. A new employee coming in gets an overview of what has been discussed at recent meetings, instead of going to a meeting minutes attached in an email.

Book meetings in channels in Teams

Remember to add mandatory attendees so that the meeting also appears in the Outlook calendar.

Set up notifications and status in Teams

Set up notifications for teams (groups), channels or chat. This way you can create your own digital working environment that suits you.

Think about your digital behaviour

Keep your camera on when you're in meetings. It's not like you're putting a paper bag on your head in a face-to-face meeting. The camera on creates the conditions for interaction. Look at the screen that has the camera!

Remember to take breaks

If you are a meeting organiser: show info on when the current break is over - not how long it is!