Resources at KI

The internal resources below are available and can be added during the rehabilitation work and implemented in parallel with the other rehabilitation measures. These resources can be added early on, as well as later in the rehabilitation process.

Health Promotion at KI

Health Promotion is a resource for the operations at KI to develop co-worker health skills to promote a sustainable and healthy work life. With an emphasis on physical activity and active recovery, promotional group and individual measures are offered. If necessary, support is available for rehabilitation and return to work, primarily via prescribed physical activity, FaR. Read more about prescribed physical activity and activities on the co-worker portal/Health Promotion at KI.

Physical Activity on Prescription

Career planning

As a part of the rehabilitation measures, prior to returning to regular work or to any other work at KI, there is the opportunity for co-workers to take part in a career change program. The program is funded by centralized readjustment funds. The program usually lasts for three months and consists of six coaching sessions. If necessary, the program can be extended, but there is also the possibility of a shorter period of Career planning of up to three sessions. Participation in the program can begin after the responsible manager has placed an order with the Competence Supply Unit of the HR department. The co-worker will receive their salary from KI during the period of participation. Read more about Career planning on the co-worker portal/.

Program for individual career planning and career change

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