About doctoral programmes

KI’s doctoral programmes reflect the research fields at KI and span across department borders. The programmes offer KI’s doctoral students a range of courses and other learning activities in most research fields and thus contribute significantly to the excellent quality of the doctoral education at KI.


The overarching aim of KI’s doctoral programmes is to ensure a prime research training environment over and above that offered by the departments and their research groups, and to offer courses in research fields specific to each programme.

The programmes shall contribute to help KI’s doctoral students attain the national outcomes for the degree of doctor set by the Higher Education Ordinance.

Participating in different activities arranged by the programmes is a way for doctoral students to build a network in their research field that extends beyond their own research group and department.

Expression of interest

As a doctoral student you can register your interest in one or more doctoral programmes and thus obtain information on the courses and activities that are arranged. An expression of interest can at any time during the education be done by sending an email to the programme. This means that you will receive information about the programme's courses and activities. You may choose from what is offered, but you do not commit to participate in any activity, nor are you guaranteed admission to any of the courses organized within the framework of the programme

Contact information for each programme

Courses within doctoral programmes

All courses that are given within the framework of the doctoral programmes, with a few excemptions, are advertised in and applied for through the course catalogue.

Overview of the doctoral programmes’ planned courses for the coming three years

Do you want to become a doctoral student at KI?

Doctoral education at KI (aiming for a Ph.D. degree) is to a large extent based on the individual research project of each doctoral student. The starting date is different for each doctoral student. The thematic doctoral programmes at KI are not common “programmes” (like master’s degree programmes) where a whole class studies together. Once admitted to doctoral education at KI, the doctoral student can sign up to one or several of KI’s doctoral programmes to obtain information about the courses and activities that are arranged within specific research fields.

Information about how to become a doctoral student at KI