There is a shortage of rental accommodations in Stockholm, and waiting lists for a room or a flat are generally long. If you need an accommodation, we advise you to contact an agency to have your name placed on a waiting list.

KI Housing

KI Housing offers accommodation for foreign students/researchers at Karolinska Institutet. You should sign up for the queue as soon as possible (e.g., even 12 months before your starting date) and no later than 3 months after you arrived to Sweden. There is no guarantee that they will find something for you, so it should not be your only option! If you do not receive accommodation through KI Housing, you will have to find housing on your own, see Housing guide

SBS in Spånga

Sign up first at Studentbostäder i Norden. Please note that the apartments are unfurnished.

Wenner-Gren Foundations

Wenner-Gren Foundations offer apartments for foreign scientists with a PhD-degree. You should sign up for the queue as soon as possible (e.g., even 18-20 months before your starting date) and no later than 6 months after you arrived to Sweden. 

Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB)

Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB) provides student accommodation for members of SSCO associated student unions in the Stockholm area. You must be a member of an SSCO-affiliated union for the entire duration of your tenancy. At KI there are two student unions - The Medical Student Union (MF) and The Dental Student Union (OF). The current waiting list is about 2 years.

Bostadsförmedlingen/Svenska Bostäder

You can apply for student housing for the time you study. Student housing is allocated on the basis of time spent in the housing queue so the sooner you register, the greater the chance to get an apartment. The fee is SEK 200 per year. More information and registration at Bostadsförmedlingen i Stockholm AB and Svenska Bostäder (in Swedish). See also ByggVesta


Subletting is a common way to arrange accommodation. Some of these websites are only in Swedish, so it is good to know that “bostad” is an apartment and “lägenhet” is a flat.

Ads from private persons willing to rent out to researchers and doctoral students at KI, see Housing for rent.

Stockholm Federation of Student Unions, SSCO run a subleasing agency called Akademisk kvart where private persons in Stockholm place ad's looking to rent out room, apartments and houses to students and guest researchers.

Samtrygg search among available accommodations for rent in  Stockholm

For useful information when searching for housing in Stockholm, please see Other accommodation alternatives.

Home insurance

We strongly advise you to take out a home insurance (hemförsäkring) for your stay in Stockholm. If anything is stolen from your room, or if any property is damaged or lost during your rental period, you are responsible for covering the repair or replacement costs. In addition to personal property, home insurance should also cover liability, legal expenses and travel insurance.

A home insurance policy is sold by most insurance companies in Sweden:

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