Announcement of funding for research conference support 2023

Funding from the Committee for Research to support the organization of research conferences or workshops.


Support for research conference or workshop. Applications in all subject areas are welcome from both junior and senior researchers.


Eligible to apply are individuals who have completed a doctoral degree no later than the end of the application period and is employed by Karolinska Institutet.

There is no requirement for co-financing from the department or other funding agencies, but this can strengthen the application.


The total budget for the announcement is SEK 1 million and the maximum amount per proposal is SEK 250,000. The funds must be used before May 1st, 2024.

The funds must not be used for other purposes than the intended conference or workshop. If a physical conference is planned and funded by this initiative, and then changed to a digital conference at a lower cost, the funding may be reduced.

Assessment and assessment criteria

The evaluation team is chaired by the deputy-chairperson of the Committee for Research and consists of members of the Committee for Research. The team has a mandate from the Committee for Research to evaluate the quality of the conference and its strategic benefits for KI. Strategic benefits are, for example, if the conference brings together basic and clinical researchers, stimulates collaboration between KI and ’Region Stockholm’, addresses a specific problem, or a new field of research. The Committee aim to grant at least one of the conferences dedicated to a theme addressing several of the UN sustainability Goals (SDG).


The application should contain information about the goals of the conference, its format (digital, IRL, hybrid), organizers, target group, number of participants, the benefits for KI, learning outcomes, if it has relevance for multiple SDGs, and other potential funding sources. Preliminary planning for the conference including scientific program, list of invited lecturers with status (tentative / invited / confirmed), affiliations, and titles. Preliminary budget (incl. indirect costs) with, for example, venue and IT costs, hotel, catering, and costs for invited lecturers, must be included in the application.


The application must contain the desired information divided into the following appendices:

  • Purpose of the conference including motivation and benefits for KI (maximum 1 A4 page).
  • Preliminary conference plan (maximum 1 A4 page). Preliminary program should be included in the application.
  • Planned budget in tabular form with comments (maximum 1 A4 page).

Application must be signed by the Head of Department in Prisma.

Times New Roman, 12 points should be used.

The application is completed electronically in KI Prisma and the deadline is September 4th 2023 at 14:00.


Allocation decisions are made by the Committee for Research and the applicants are notified by e-mail at the turn of the month September-October.

Final report

After the end of the disposition period, the applicant provides a short report that summarizes the conference and its outcomes in Prisma. The applicant should also report on how much of the grant money was used. In case the money has not been used in full, the remaining funds should be returned to the Committee for Research.

You will receive a notification via e-mail when it is time to report.


For questions regarding the announcement, please email:

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