Announcement of funding for research conference support 2024

The Committee for Research is launching a call for funding to support the organisation of a research conference.


To increase the opportunity for KI researchers to organise research conferences that create strategic benefits for KI's activities. Strategic benefit is, for example, if the conference brings together basic and clinical researchers, stimulates collaboration between KI and the region, addresses a specific problem or a new research field, or is aimed at the general public. The call should contribute to increased opportunities for collaboration, exchange of views and the possibility of inviting prominent external lecturers/guests and broadening participation.


Eligible applicants are those who have completed a doctoral degree no later than the application deadline and are employed at or affiliated with Karolinska Institutet (KI). 

Applications in all subject areas are welcome from both junior and senior researchers. The conferences may be organised throughout Sweden but not abroad.

It is not possible to apply for funding for conferences organised before May 2024.

The Grant

Up to SEK 300 000 per conference can be applied for. The total budget for the call is SEK 1 500 000. 

The funds may not be used for anything other than organising a conference. If a physical conference is planned, and it is changed to a digital conference with a lower cost after being granted, the funds granted may be reduced. 

There is no requirement for co-financing from the institution or other funders, but it can strengthen the application. 

Assessment and assessment criteria

The assessment is made by a working group of members of the Committee for research and is led by the vice chair of the committee. The applications are assessed according to the purpose of the call, which is focused on the strategic benefit of the research conference for KI.

Priority is given to conferences that are organised at or in close connection with Karolinska Institutet, where KI is a co-organiser, or conferences that otherwise benefit many employees at the university. 

KF will also prioritise conferences with a clear link to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



The application must contain the requested information divided into the following annexes: 

1. information about the conference: responsible contact person at KI and that person's role in the organisation of the conference, purpose, format (digital, IRL, hybrid), location, organisers, target group, participants, benefits for KI, possible relevance to sustainability goals, and other potential funding (maximum 1 A4 page).

2. preliminary programme for the conference: e.g. number of sessions, list of invited speakers with status (tentative/invited/confirmed), their affiliation, and title of the presentation (maximum 1 A4 page). If the programme is published, include a link. 

3. preliminary budget (incl. indirect costs), including for example venue and IT costs, hotel costs, catering, and costs for invited speakers (maximum 1 A4 page).

4. If funds have previously been awarded from the Committee for Research for a similar conference, this should be indicated in the application together with a short report from the previous conference.

The head of department shall sign the application in Prisma.

Times New Roman, 12 points should be used.

The application is submitted electronically in KI Prisma no later than 15 May 2024 at 14.00.


Award decisions are made by the Committee for Research and communicated to applicants by e-mail. 


The funds may be used until 31 May 2025. At the end of the period of availability, the applicant must submit a report summarising the conference and its outcome in Prisma. The applicant shall also report whether the funds have been used in full, in part or not. If the funds have not been used at all or only partially during the period of availability, the remaining funds must be returned to the Committee for Research. 

Contact us 

For questions regarding the call, please send an email to:

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