Internal lease terms

The University Board (Konsistoriet) approved a new internal rent model to take effect on 1 January 2021. Some revisions have been made since then and this necessitates an updating of the internal lease terms. The former regulations (approved by the President on 11 November 2020) expires on 31 December 2022.

The new regulations applies from 01/01/2023.

New Internal lease terms 2023

This revision mostly concern:

  • the type of waste in the cost types of the internal rent – where special waste management is no longer covered but only household waste management,
  • the internal rent for each year is communicated on this page,
  • clarifying the process of terminating premises - the head of department or the administrative manager is to do so by issuing vacancy notice to the Property and Facilities Office (PFO). The vacancy notice is to be signed by the head of department or the administrative manager and sent to the senior property manager or the property manager responsible for the building in question, and
  • a new system for booking of teaching rooms - a new booking model consisting of time slots to increase utilization rates. The time slots will be morning, afternoon and evening.

As a result of these changes there are new internal lease terms approved by the President. These are found under Documents at the bottom of the page, as well as Internal lease terms 2021.

In the document there is information about the terms for utilizing the premises; the charge, what is included in the rent, conditions for terminating premises, cost of furnishing, process of converting the premises etc.

The rent is updated and determined by the University Board annually for each forthcoming year after preparation by Strategic Management Office and PFO.

Internal rent has been set at SEK 3 333/sq.m. for 2024. 


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