Course catalogue and vacancies – doctoral courses

Karolinska Institutet offers a large number of doctoral courses every semester. Courses are arranged within doctoral programmes, within research schools or as freestanding courses.

Doktorand på föreläsning med dator och anteckningsblock.

All freestanding courses as well as courses within the doctoral programmes are presented in the course catalogue. 

Please note that additional courses in laboratory animal science are offered, other than those advertised in the catalogue.

Are you looking for the course catalogue for the spring semester (VT24, in KIWAS)? See link at the end of the page.

Course catalogue

The course catalogue is published once per semester, presenting the courses that are offered the following semester. Application is open for about three weeks, starting approximately on 15 April (for autumn courses) and 15 October (for spring courses). The application is made online via the course catalogue (link above).

The course catalogue for the autumn semester of 2024, will be open for application during the period 15 April to 6 May, 2024.

KI's doctoral courses are free of charge and open for doctoral students at all higher education institutions, as well as for KI post docs. If space allows other applicants with a PhD may also be accepted. See Eligibility and selection below.

Applying for doctoral courses

About changes in the application process and other things to consider before submitting your course application.

Course vacancies

The list below is continuously updated with the doctoral courses that have vacancies after the application period in the course catalogue has ended. 

Courses spring 2024 with vacancies

2520 Interview Techniques in Health and Care Research, 2024-04-22 -- 2024-05-31. Send your application to:

2526 Neuropsychopharmacology, 2024-05-20 -- 2024-05-24. Send your application to: 

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published, 2024-04-22 -- 2024-05-03. Send your application to:

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published, 2024-06-03 -- 2024-06-14. Send your application to:

2760 Translational Medicine in the Field of Autoimmunity - an Overview, 2024-05-20 -- 2024-06-05. Send your application to:

2787 Present Your Research!, 2024-05-27 -- 2024-05-31. Send your application to:

3160 Function A - to Carry Out Minor Procedures on Laboratory Animalson demand (both online and practical). Send your application to:

3237 Swedish Law and Ethics on the Protection of Laboratory Animals - Theoryon demand (both online and practical). Send your application to:

5227 Advanced Scientific Writing, 2024-05-13 -- 2024-05-17. Send your application to:

5231 Advanced presentation techniques: Oral Presentation of Own Research*, 2024-05-20 -- 2024-05-24. Send your application to:

5515 Refinement of Minor Procedures on Mice (skills)on demand (practical). Send your application to:

5516 Refinement of Minor Procedures on Rats (skills)on demand (practical). Send your application to:

5739 Antigen Presentation and T cell Activation, 2024-05-27 -- 2024-05-31. Send your application to:

5748 Assessing the Value of Medical Innovation, 2024-05-20 -- 2024-05-31. Send your application to:

Doctoral programme courses or freestanding courses

In the course catalogue, most courses are linked to a doctoral programme within which the course is given. Some courses are given in collaboration between two or more programmes. 

In the doctoral programmes' joint list you can see their planned courses for the next three years. Please note, though, that there may be changes.

Many courses are freestanding, i e not included in a doctoral programme. These are mainly general science courses and compulsory courses.

Read further about course requirements and choice of courses for doctoral students.


If there are special eligibility requirements for a course, these are stated in the syllabus under the heading Prerequisite courses, or equivalent. Otherwise, the general selection criteria for admission to doctoral courses at KI apply, as well as the specific selection criteria listed in the course catalogue.

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