Course catalogue and vacancies – doctoral courses

Karolinska Institutet offers a large number of doctoral courses every semester. Courses are arranged as freestanding courses, within doctoral education programmes or within research schools.

Doktorand på föreläsning med dator och anteckningsblock.

All freestanding courses as well as courses within the doctoral programmes are presented in the course catalogue. After the application period any course vacancies are announced on this web site.

Course catalogue

The course catalogue is published each semester around April 15 respectively October 15 and is open for application during one month. Application is made directly in the catalogue. See also additional courses in laboratory animal science, other than those advertised in the catalogue.

The course catalogue for the spring semester of 2023, will be open for application during the period 17 October to 15 November, 2022.

KI's courses are open for registered doctoral students at all higher education institutions, as well as for KI post docs. If space allows, other applicants with a PhD may also be accepted. See Eligibility and selection.

Important when applying via the course catalogue

Please note that the admission email will be sent from each respective course provider and not via KIWAS course catalogue. However, you reply to an admission offer by replying in KIWAS under My courses as well as by returning the signed supervisor certificate to the course provider. Signing is easiest using an electronic signature via EduSign.

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Course vacancies

The list below is continuously updated with the doctoral courses that have vacancies after the application period in the course catalogue has ended and until the start of the course. These courses are filled primarily with registered doctoral students or KI post docs in accordance with the selection criteria for courses at doctoral level.

Courses marked with a (*) are general science courses.

Courses spring 2022 with vacancies

3160 Function A - to Carry Out Minor Procedures on Laboratory Animalson demand (both online and practical). Apply via email to:

3237 Swedish Law and Ethics on the Protection of Laboratory Animals - Theoryon demand (both online and practical). Apply via email to:

Courses autumn 2022 with vacancies

2186 Generating Genetically Modified Mice for Immunological Research, 2022-11-07 -- 2022-11-11. Apply via email to:

2522 Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How, 2022-11-14 -- 2022-11-25. Apply via email to:

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published*, 2022-08-22 -- 2022-09-02. Apply via email to:

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published*, 2022-09-26 -- 2022-10-07. Apply via email to:

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published*, 2022-10-31 -- 2022-11-11. Apply via email to:

2618 Write Your Research Results and Get Them Published*, 2022-12-12 -- 2022-12-23. Apply via email to:

2693 Measuring Physical Activity with Focus on Wearable Monitors - Applications for Clinical and Epidemiological Studies, 2022-11-07 -- 2022-12-02. Apply via email to:

2702 Occupational Science conceptual development and application on research, 2022-11-23 -- 2023-01-13. Apply via email to:

2780 The Developing Brain, 2022-09-26 -- 2022-09-30. Apply via email to:

2787 Present your research!*, 2022-08-15 -- 2022-08-19. Apply via email to:

2787 Present your research!*, 2022-09-19 -- 2022-09-23. Apply via email to:

2787 Present your research!*, 2022-10-24 -- 2022-10-28. Apply via email to:

2787 Present your research!*, 2022-12-05 -- 2022-12-09. Apply via email to:

2963 Open science and reproducible research, 2022-10-03 -- 2022-10-14. Apply via email to:

2980 Study Design in Clinical Research, 2022-11-07 -- 2022-11-24. Apply via email to:

3029 Observation and visual methods in health care sciences research, 2022-10-03 -- 2022-11-11. Apply via email to:

3037 Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Research, 2022-09-05 -- 2022-11-11. Apply via email to:

3073 Philosophy of science and the concept of health*, 2022-10-17 -- 2022-10-28. Apply via email to:

3080 Gene Regulation in the Early Human Embryo, 2022-10-10 -- 2022-10-14. Apply via email to:

3121 Experimental techniques in study of metabolic and endocrine disorders, 2022-10-10 -- 2022-10-21. Apply via email to:

3122 The Global Diabetes Epidemic, 2022-11-14 -- 2022-11-25. Apply via email to:

3150 Embryology I, 2022-09-12 -- 2022-09-16. Apply via email to:

3160 Function A - to Carry Out Minor Procedures on Laboratory Animalson demand (both online and practical). Apply via email to:

3173 Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Research, 2022-12-08 -- 2022-12-14. Apply via email to:

3237 Swedish Law and Ethics on the Protection of Laboratory Animals - Theoryon demand (both online and practical). Apply via email to:

5227 Advanced Scientific Writing*, 2022-09-12 -- 2022-09-16. Apply via email to:

5227 Advanced Scientific Writing*, 2022-11-28 -- 2022-12-02. Apply via email to:

5231 Advanced presentation techniques: Oral Presentation of Own Research*, 2022-11-14 -- 2022-11-18. Apply via email to:

5236 Improving Use of Medicines, Focusing on Antibiotics, 2022-09-12 -- 2022-09-16. Apply via email to:

5316 Fundamentals of using Python in Health Related Research, 2022-10-17 -- 2022-10-21. Apply via email to:

5319 Migration and Health2022-11-07 -- 2022-11-18. Apply via email to:

5515 Refinement of Minor Procedures on Mice (skills)on demand (practical). Apply via email to:

5516 Refinement of Minor Procedures on Rats (skills)on demand (practical). Apply via email to:

5530 Function A - to Carry out Procedures on Zebrafishon demand (both online and practical). Apply via email to:

5546 Research for Societal Impact, 2022-11-07 -- 2022-11-18. Apply via email to:

5558 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Online Doctoral Course*, 2022-09-05 -- 2022-12-02. Apply via email to:

5561 Protein Structure, Function and Disease, 2022-09-15 -- 2022-12-08. Apply via email to:

5575 Advanced Global Health Economics with a focus on Economic Evaluation, 2022-10-10 -- 2022-10-28. Apply via email to:

Doctoral programme courses or freestanding

In the course catalogue, most courses are linked to a doctoral programme within which the course is given. Some courses are given in collaboration between two or more programmes, and then listed in the category Included in several programmes. Many courses are freestanding, i e not included in a doctoral programme. These are mainly general science courses and compulsory courses.

See also the doctoral programmes' planned courses for the next three years.

Eligibility and selection

If there are special eligibility requirements for a course, these are stated in the syllabus under the heading Specific entry requirements. Otherwise, the general selection criteria for admission to doctoral courses at KI apply, as well as the specific selection criteria listed in the course catalogue for the current course occasion.

Your personal profile

The first time you log into the course catalogue (KIWAS) to apply for courses you are asked to create a personal profile. In the profile you enter data such as your email address and your current status as an applicant, i e if you are a doctoral student at KI or belong to another category of applicants.

If anything is changed, your contact details or your status as an applicant, it is important to change this in your personal profile. If the change is made during an ongoing admission period we recommend you to also contact the course organiser of the course(s) in question.

It is important that you do not miss an admission offer due to changed email address and also that your start date as a doctoral student is correct, as this affects your chances of being admitted.

Admission to course

Admission is handled in KIWAS and you will be notified via the email address you have entered in your profile. You accept or decline the offer by logging into KIWAS and replying under My courses within due time. You complete your acceptance by returning the supervisor certificate (which is part of the admission email) by email, when signed by your supervisor and yourself. The signed supervisor certificate can be scanned or photographed, or electronically signed using EduSign.

Admission to vacancies (when the course catalogue has closed) is handled outside KIWAS and will be notified via email with the supervisor certificate as an attachment. You reply via email and (if you accept the offer) attach the signed certificate.

To cancel your place on a course

Doctoral courses are free of charge for the participant. At KI, we have the policy to also accept other eligible applicants than our own doctoral students and post docs (see eligibility and selection). Empty places due to late dropouts are a problem for the course organiser in terms of course planning, administration and lack of funding. In case of low participation the course may be cancelled at short notice, which affects other applicants.

Cancellation of an accepted course place must therefore be submitted to the course organiser no later than 30 days before the start of the course. For later dropouts (before or during the course) an administrative fee may be charged the supervisor. Exception is made for absence with valid reason, but a certificate may be requested. Absence is equalled with dropout.

Cancellation should be submitted via the Ladok student interface (no later than 30 days before course start), but it is appreciated if the course provider is notified directly as well. Exception applies to courses that start in early January, for which cancellation has to be submitted to the course provider, not via Ladok, in order to fulfil the 30 day limit.

Handling of personal data

Information about the handling of collected personal data.


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