Call for research internship applications ("Forskar-AT")

Call for research internship (in Swedish Forskar-AT) applications are issued twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. A maximum of nine research internship blocks are filled on each occasion depending on the availability of suitable candidates.

The autumn call 2024

The autumn call 2024 will open on August 26 and closes on September 10. 

Current applicants will be contacted on September 26, for an interview on September 30. 

Participating hospitals

A research internship enables doctors on an internship to combine their regular clinical internship (in Swedish Allmäntjänstgöring - AT) with up to 12 months of research at KI. The internship is based at one of the following hospitals: Capio St Göran (1 place), Danderyd (1 place), Karolinska (Solna and Huddinge: 6 places) or Söder (1 place). Please note that the call concerns all nice places and while applicants may state their preferred hospital in their application, there is no guarantee that the request can be fulfilled (although every effort will be made to do so).


Apart from being eligible for an internship, candidates must also at the time of the application, hold a medical degree and either as a registered doctoral student at KI or a PhD engaged in research at KI.


Applications are submitted in the Karolinska University Hospital application system during the application periods. The application can be written in English or Swedish, but the applicant must be eligible for an internship, which includes having the necessary knowledge in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.

A complete application must contain:

The application.
Applications for research internships (in Swedish Forskar-AT) are submitted digitally during the application period. The following documents are uploaded into the system as PDF files.

  1. A personal letter
  2. CV and list of publications (see attached template). Only original articles published or accepted for publication could be used.
  3. A copy of the applicant’s medical degree.
  4. A copy of the applicant’s PhD certificate (doctoral students at KI need not submit their admission certificate).
  5. A brief description of the research programme (max. 3 pages of A4, including references), outlining the work planned for the research period.
  6. Statement from the head of department regarding the candidate’s place of work and planned research activity.
  7. Supervisor testimonial (doctoral students ) or from research team leaders (PhDs)
  8. Written references from former/current employers.
  9. Work certificate from previous and current clinical service
  10. A ranked list of preferred hospitals for the internship or a no-preference statement.

Only complete applications from eligible applicants will be considered. Applications may not be supplemented after the application deadline.

The following aspects of an application will be assessed:

  • Feasibility
  • The scientific quality and potential of the research project
  • The research merits and potential of the applicant
  • The integration of research with future clinical practice
  • The applicant’s suitability/potential for clinical practice during the research internship

More details on the criteria and their assessment

It is suggested that applicants use this page as a template and checklist for their application.


Administrative officer, Forskar-AT

Kia Olsson


Content reviewer:
Kia Olsson