Education - Gender dimension for better health

Information related to educational (& related) activities at undergraduate and graduate levels.

If you have any questions and requests for teaching or if you are interested in the specific educational materials, please feel free to contact us.

Educational activities present at Karolinska Institutet

The cross-program course Hälsa och ohälsa ur ett genusperspektiv, code 2XX071 CLINTEC (Karolina Kublickiene - administrator).

Continuous teaching for medical students term 2 and/or 4 about sex and gender aspects in medicine (in collaboration with Mini Maria Ruiz Narbona), and others on demand (e.g. biomedicine program with course 4BI104, sex and gender aspects in biomedicine, program responsible Prof. Rachel Fisher).

For doctoral education at KI

Web-based doctoral course “Sex and gender perspectives in cardiovascular research” (1 ECT). Contact Karolina Kublickiene for more information. In the catalogue for doctoral courses, please follow course number 2944.

Doctoral course “Sex and gender aspects in biomedical research” (1.5 ECT) course number 2387. Contact Karolina Kublickiene for more information.

Doctoral course on “Health, gender and human rights: an introduction” (3 ECT). Contact Mariano Salazar for more information.

International online courses

NIH - National Institutes of Health

Bench to Bedside: Integrating Sex and Gender to Improve Human Health is a free online course exploring sex- and gender-related differences in key disciplines important to human health and disease. The thematic modules in this course can be helpful to researchers, clinicians, and students when designing and conducting research and/or interpreting evidence for clinical practice.

NIH sex-and-gender training modules are also free online but are more extensive, taking 5-6 hours.

Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) -  SGBA+ 

The Health Researcher’s Toolkit, a series of seven interactive e-learning modules focused on the integration of sex and gender in health research by the SGBA+ team at Women’s College Research Institute. The modules are designed to benefit both experienced and emerging researchers across a range of disciplines, from medical sciences to social sciences and everything in between.

Intersectionality as a Research Lens: A Pathway to Better Science might also be useful. This is an online course for Health Research.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

As part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Institute of Gender and Health is an international leader in fostering research that explores how sex and gender influence health.

Online Training Modules - take these training courses to learn how to:

  • Distinguish between and define sex and gender in health research.
  • Identify sex and gender differences in the mechanism, disease or treatment under study.
  • Identify methods for integrating sex and gender variables in health research contexts.
  • Assess a research protocol or publication based on the integration or omission of sex and/or gender.

Gender Equality Academy