SIG Scholarship Community

The SIG is a scholarly community focusing on medical education research and provides a space for sharing and learning together in a peer network focused on mutual appreciation, feedback, and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The group is open for researchers who are interested in what can be broadly categorized as medical education, a multi-disciplinary field including research in many different contexts, topics, and healthcare professions. Members may be based at KI or other universities, many are PhD students or postdocs. The activities in the SIG are organized by the members themselves, with a new coordinator each semester.

Activities include

  • review of draft manuscripts
  • methodological discussions
  • journal clubs
  • test run presentations
  • how to get published etc

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining, please contact Terese Stenfors (Network coordinator) or Agnes Elmberger who is coordinating the activities in the Scholarship Community for spring 2024.