Settings for recording in Zoom

Instruction for recording in Zoom, when bringing your own device (BYOD) in lecture halls for hybrid teaching.

Video: Settings for recording in Zoom


  1. Start “Zoom” on your computer and go to “Settings”.
  2. Select “background & Effects” in the menu.
  3. Check if “Blur” or KI logo is appropriate (probably not).
  4. Choose “None” if you plan on recording in a lecture hall or conference room.
  5. Select “Recording” in the menu.
  6. Choose an appropriate location for your recording. It should be easy to find later on.
  7. Check “Record a separate audio file for each participant” so you can mix the audio after recording. This is especially important if you plan on publishing the final recording.
  8. Check "Optimize for 3rd party video editor”. Preparing for editing afterwards also applies to video, especially if you plan to record the camera in HD.
  9. Check “Record video during screen sharing” if you wish to show the camera when sharing your screen. If unchecked, the camera will not be recorded during screen sharing. The subsequent item decide if the camera is recorded on top of the shared screen or next to it. The latter will dramatically shrink the recorded share size.