Tools for digital text to speech

Do you need to listen to digital text?

Karolinska Institute has the following text to speech tools:

  • Internal and external web pages have listening tools built into the web pages.
  • The canvas learning platform also has listening tools built in.
  • The text to speech tool Tortalk is available for download on your own computer, as well as on all computers available to students at KI.

How to access Tortalk

Undergraduate and advanced level students collect their licenses via Student-IT.

Employees and doctoral students collect their licenses via software centers (for the departments connected to coordinated IT) or licens managers at departments.

Get inspired

Tortalk's pages include blog post about a student who has studied for a medical degree with dyslexia.

All employees and students have access to Tortalk and the tool can also be used to listen tio their own text e.g.  for proofreading.


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